Monday, August 11, 2008

"ShivanSamudra" - Travelogue

A visit to Shivansamudra...

It was on 6th of August, my brother told we will go for a trip to "Sivansamudra", which is about 130 kms from bangalore on 9th . Some of his friends visited there, and its a great place to see.

So we started at around 7.30 am. It was a special trip cos of many reasons. After "Chechi" came to our family, it was the first trip we all were going together. We all were so excited... Packed some additional dresses also, so that we can enjoy the nature's shower for some time..

Mysore road is a straight one and so good, driver was driving in around 80-90 km/hr. While sitting at the back it was a lovely view of the long road. So thought of taking a picture from there. It came beautifical which i never expected.
By around 10.30 we stopped in to have our breakfast... A small place on the way, where no good hotels can be found. Driver told to get the lunch from there itself, as we wont be able to find some good restaurants in "SivanSamudra".. We bought some fruits and all from there, and started our journey.

As the car was moving so cool, it was not feeling like we are going in so much of speed. "Dumbsherads " made the trip much more funnier..

In the entrance of "Shivansamudra " we have to get the vechile pass or something like that..

Atlast by 11.15 or so we reached our target. What we saw from the distant view was amazing. I was seeing such a big water fall for the first time.

But something disappointed us. We heard that, there we can have boating, shower bath and all... But "Shivansamudra" was a place where we can watch the water fall from a distant view.

So we planned to go to "Bhara Chukki"...
First we thought its also like "ShivanSamudra", we can only watch the falls from a distant view. But we saw long steep steps to down. There we could find some boats and all.. So we started going down... Once we started climbing down, we found out the danger. The steps are so small, that we should be so careful, otherwise we will reach down within few seconds. It was really steeeppp steeep steps..

Once we reached down, we found out the "BOATs"..
For two persons, they charge 200/-. We took two boats, as we were 7. They took so near to the falls so that we can take photos.. It was really good to take pictures, but we could hear each others heart beating like drums. We were so near to that big water falls and the water is splashing to our camera's . I just dont wanted to take any more pics, but wanted to return back to shore..
Then the guy started rotating the boat.... that too so fastttttttttttt.... "Goddd".. i dont no what we did.. someone managed to come backkkk..

There were lots of people bathing and feeling the nature shower. So we also jumped to the shower.. More than 2 hours we spend there..

By around 3 we started back... There was some more places called as "Thalacadu" and all.. But cos of the time constraint we started back to bangalore.
On the way back, i was really thinking a lot.. About the creations of GOD... Anyway it was an experience worth sharing..