Thursday, September 18, 2008

Information Exchange ????

Last week i was attending one tech talk..

The speaker was telling about the revolution of Information Technology. About "Information Exchange". Each and everyone is having a mobile phone, with a camera. We do take pictures, send it to others, save it. We write blogs, and be a part of Information Exchanging.

But after that what i thought was really against tat.. Information revolution is taking place in the world from 10 years of now. World is growing so fast. But we lack so many things....

We dont have enough TIME.
We dont have time to read a newspaper, watch television.
We dont have enough time to talk to our friends.
We dont have enough time to spend with our family.

For what we are living ????

May be i can tell how I start a day and ends it..
Morning around 6.30 got up, start to office by 7.45 - 8.00, till 6.30 (some days till 8 - 9) at office, then back home. will reach home in another hour or so. Same movie continues for a week. Then came the big week end of 2 days.... It goes like a super fast train. Same thing next week.. And it continues... We are getting aged, when we complete a day, a month, an year and so on..

Most of them are like this, may be worse than this. !!!!

I was thinking about my grand dad's and mom's life before 40 or 50 years ago.
May be they were not living in metro cities. They were not having lots of money.

But they were having enough TIME, and peace of mind. They would have got enough TIME to spend with their family, friends and communicate with each other.

What we lack...

We are also getting TIME, We are also Communicating, but through mobile phones or emails, and that too very few.

But frankly speaking we dont have enough time for us, then how come we will find time for others. Of course not.

Now comes another gaint: "SLOW DOWN", "RECESSION"...

IT is bleeding, world is crying...

Rather than these, Bombs explodes every where...

We thought we are in safer side. But ...

Some extremists started fighting in the name of religion...

Terrorism going to get started in India tooo in name of Allah, Jesus Christ and Sree Krisha.. May be in very near future.

Still we dont think about a solution... We are busy finding out origin of Universe or BIG BANG.

"I" am leading,.. nothing other than this.

I need to ask you somthing.

How many people you know in this world. May be 1K, - 2k, if you r not a politican. Do we maintain a good communication with them alll.

If we do, i think 50% of the problem will get solved. If we can be part of their good and bad time, rest 20 % is also safe.

If no body is taking the charge, we can take that. First thing we should do is to retain the communication chain. Help out others in all aspects. Because we cant live in this world alone. We need help.

CARE others,
DELETE the "I" and save "WE"..

Come on we can create a new world....

A World of PEACE...
A World of Love.....