Sunday, October 12, 2008

Once Again I started my Journey to Ettimadai....

Once again I started my journey to Ettimadai, Amrita. Wanted to collect the TC and other certificates. I was planning to go on 9th. As it was a holiday there I postponed my trip to Friday 10th. Usually when I am thinking about Ettimadai, I will be caught by some sort of tensions. But this time, after passing out from there, I was experiencing a different feeling. May be cos I know I am not going to be there for more than a day :-)

By 11 PM my bus started to roll from Bangalore to Coimbatore. I was listening to some good music in my new mobile. My brother used to say me not to listen too much of music or songs. May be he knows very well that it will take us to dreams :-). I started dreaming, dreaming about the good life we had in Amrita.

By morning 7.30 or so I reached coimbatore. From there I need to take No. 48 or No. 96 bus to Ettimadai. I got No. 48 Bus, and well sited with a good seat near to a window.

Its really so hot there from the morning itself. I could see the dry mountains through my window.

My mind was running faster than wheels. We spend almost 3 years there. Each and every frame that I saw through the window reminds of different stories. I am sure all my friends will be experiencing the same thing.

Atlast I reached Amrita. I thought still it’s the same old Ettimadai, and our Amrita. I took an auto from Ettimadai. I gave him 25 Rs, as usual. He told, it got changed, now its 30/-. In 10 months much things changed here.

I crossed the railway track. Reached the Entrance Gate. There was no change. The same old story there. Some Autos were parking outside waiting for the gate pass.

When I was there for the first time, I was amazed seeing a check post for a college. But our warden gave me a good answer. The inmates are only allowed to leave the campus to home only once in a month.

We found it irritating. But time has changed everything. We also started to love the ambience there (Not to study, but to sleep :-) ).

Walked towards the Main Entrance. I thought I will get the TC from office, then will go to department.

I got the TC in few minutes from Deans office. I wanted to see the main building. I don’t know how many times we were in Deans and Admin office, for permissions and Complaints. J Went to CCR (Center for Corporate Relations) office. It reminded me about the placement times. The same old notice board is having some new figures of the latest placements.

I started walking towards the IT block, where we lived our 3 years. I searched my bag for a book, so that I can place the TC. So went to our Departmental Store to get the Book. The Gym, College Ground and the store, three favorite spots in Amrita gave lots of memories. Now I really felt bad without my friends. I realized the power of friendship. We used to have our lunch from PG mess. So we had to walk from IT block to PG mess, through these roads. Now the road is empty. But I could visualize the group of students from MCA, walking towards the PG Mess.

I didnt have my breakfast from Outside. So I thought I will have it in MBA Canteen. The route to MBA canteen can be called as Lovers path. We used to sit in these places after coming out of MBA canteen to watch the loving Couples and their private moments in the campus (A sort of “Mouthlooking” :-)) through these paths.

I could find some new faces in MBA Canteen, may be some 1st Year MBA Students. I was searching for the Menu Notice Board. The same old “Set Dosa”. The “chetans” there recognized me. After having breakfast, started to IT block.

There are lots of changes. The building has got a new face. I was trying to get into the usual steps. But that was blocked and new steps are constructed. In the mean time I found “Satish Anna”, our department Clerk. We went to the department. In Chairman’s cabin Kumar Sir was sitting and browsing. Don’t know whether he got appointed as Chairman.

Some words echoed from the office “Be Innovative, try to find out something new”, the words of our Ramanathan Sir. One day we went to get permission for the Farewell Party to our Seniors. Then he was telling, try to conduct some good programs too. He showed us some “Chinese Torch” which is having muti functionalities. He started explaining about the Chinese Innovation and all.

I was in search of LP Mam, Jayakumar Sir and all. Spoke to them, I was so happy. Sir was telling, he still remember about our first semesters. I was so shy to talk to others. May be I was the odd one. But time has changed everything during rest of our semesters. Jayakumar Sir was our Tutor for 4 semesters.

After that I planned to see our Juniors. So asked them to come to IT Canteen. I was surprised that all of the guys bunked the class and came to canteen. I had a very good time with them. We used to gather for small Bday celebrations in the canteen. We never had a Senior – Junior Relationship. We used to call ourselves, MCA Family.

I went in search of our Warden. One new hostel has been built there.

Ours was Gautama Bhavanam. We were the first occupants in that newly constructed hostel. Moreover we spend most of our time there in the hostels. We used to play in the hostel grounds with 1st year Btech students, who are having hostel nearby ours.

I went to see my Room. D402. I could see the long straight road from there. (Pic taken by Sanooj Previously from our hostel... Now the view has changed a lot...)

Some more new floors have constructed. Had lots of Memories related to our Hostel life. I don’t think I can write everything. Its really lot.

I started back to the main gate through the Ashram entry.

We used to call this as “Small Kerala”, as the ambience is similar to our place. Full of greenery, and the corridor is so beautiful. It leads to Store, Guest House, Deans residence and the main entrance.

Then came the Guest House. It is related to our placement memories. All the interviews happened there.

We used to stay in the lawns of the guest house waiting for them who are attending the interviews. Placement season was the one which we realized the “Oneness among ourselves”. Though we are in different places now, I am sure Amrita guys won’t forget at least this one.

I reached the main entrance. The security Chetans are unforgettable. The railway gate is opened. Felt like the foyer to the world is now open for ever.

I know I will never ever come back to Amrita as a student. My student life has ended L Still the memories and our friendship will be there last longing.

When the bus started from Ettimadai, I could see Amrita going back through my Window.

After a point of time we all will leave our past like that and fly with the sweet memories. Once we are back there we could see someone new have taken our place where we lived. This is LIFE. We have to move on…

Friday, October 3, 2008

Trip to explore History - Nandi Hills !!!!!

The wheels started to roll again on 1st week of October 08. We started to Nandi Hills at 10.30 in the morning.

Heard a lot about Nandi Hills, about 60 kms north of Bangalore, also known as Nandidurga.. Nandi Hills was popular with the British too who built bungalows and laid out gardens there.

Last month we visited Shivansamudra. We traveled through Mysore road. This time, it was Hyderbad road. The long, straight and endless one.

But we faced some problem in the beginning itself. We had to change the car we were traveling. So about 45 minutes we had to wait for the new car.

By 12.15 or so we reached the base station of the hill. We could see villiage boys in road side to sell out the grapes. It was looking so fresh.

We stopped and got some grapes. From there, the road with big curves started. Nandi Hills is one of the summer retreats of Tipu Sultan.

My brother was taking pictures and videos from the front seat. It was so beautiful to see both sides of the road with flowers.

Nandi Hills is about 1478-m high which is the originating point of many rivers. We thought of stopping the car and having a look at the natures serene beauty. A group of 10 guys in Bikes, all in red just crossed our cars and stopped a bit front to ours. Though we didn’t reach the top, the view was awesome.

I also started taking pictures. My brother was having a new Nikkon Digi cam. The clarity of that is so good and is having a good zoom too. So I thought I can share some good pictures from him and put in the blog, no need to take pictures alone. (The pictures with Courtesy: GAJ (Gregory Anil Jacob) is taken by him in this blog.)

At last we reached the entrance. It was a first time experience for me. The entrance itself tells us about the ancient sculptors of Tipu Sultan.

We can find the ticket counter after this entrance itself. Most of the tourists parked their cars and started walking. My brother told we will take the car. So took the ticket and started in the car itself. The roads are pretty good.

We stopped in the sticks so that we can have our lunch there. The old stone statues, and lots more are still preserved there.

We took some pictures from there. In the mean time driver parked the car. There are lots of monkeys and stray dogs, which disturbed us through out our lunch time. My brother was so kind of them, so that he threw some food materials at them. In a short span of time, a gang of dogs and monkeys surrounded him.

He felt so touching by the looks of this monkey and that made him gave some of the foods to this guy. But that taught us a lesson.

After that we started walking towards the hill. Small amusement parks are there, so that the children can ease out a little bit. But the image is different here. After seeing the swing its my chechi and aunt jumped first. Almost the same story with all the tourists. All elders find it cool to play in the swing and other things.

We reached the top of the hill. We can see steps carved in rock leading to Yoga Nandishvara Temple.

This beautiful Chola temple has an inscription of Sambhaji, Shivaji's son. The Dwarapalakas, the splendid metallic figures are seen there.

The sun was in top of head. So it was really hot over there.

We walked towards Tipu’s Drop. The end point of the mountain. It is a 600 m high cliff face where according to legend, condemned prisoners were pushed to their death. It was told, on misty days when the wind wails in the trees, you can almost hear the blood-curdling screams of the prisoners as they met their gruesome end.

But look down on a clear day like the one we were there, the view is inspiring.

We thought of having coffee or tea. There are some hotels and restaurants nearby. But not for coffee and tea. Some thing “hot stuff”. We found a small hotel, where we thought we can get some coffee. As we had “luck”, the power not there. And the coffee vending machine was out of order. So took some ice creams.

In the mean time, brother was missing. We knew that he went in search of some good pictures. He found out a cannon.

The sun started setting down. So we started from there. After some 20 – 30 curves we reached base station. We are in straight roads now.

We all wanted to see the vineyard. Thought of stopping some where near to a vineyard. Altlast we found out one in Devanahalli..

But that was not a “Vineyard”. It was pumpkin plantation..

The sun was playing hide and seek over clouds when we approached Bangalore.

The day went so fast. Like the rays of sun coming out of the clouds, the good time we spend in nandi hills came flashing through our minds. We had dinner with Chechi’s family and went back home fast to have a nap.