Sunday, November 23, 2008

“Rain Slashed away the Hopes “

Nov 23, the 3rd One Day International between India and England in Bangalore.

We visited “Chechi’s” house, on Saturday(22/11/08). Uncle was asking about the Cricket match on Sunday. He told he is having 4 tickets for Sunday, and gave to us. So me, my brother, Chechi and "little sister" planned to go.I was in sort of confusion. Usually I watch cricket in first 10 and last 10 overs. So I thought it will be boring to be there for 100 overs.

We came back home from church at 11.30. So hurried back to stadium, as the game starts at 2.30 P.M. When we were approaching stadium, we could see long queue waiting outside. It was the first time, I was going to watch a cricket match in stadium. After seeing the enthusiasm of the fans, we were also excited. Our “little sister” painted herself with Indian flag. There were lots of guys with Indian Flags and Caps. I also thought of buying a flag.

We bought a flag for 30 RS, and got one whistle also, so that we can also join with the other guys. The queue started to move on. And finally we got into the stadium.

I was really so excited when I saw crowd. My brother used the word “electrifying crowd” to describe them. We could see both the teams, practicing in the net.

Robin Singh was assisting with the batsmen, while Prasad was helping Irfan Pathan for bowling. The crowd was having different bands and other whistles. Almost all the people painted their faces with tri color Indian flag.

But i was looking for some funny charecters, whom the camera man focusses usually. Atlas i found out some. There was around 20 guys who were in full yellow.

I was so sure that they will be caught by the camera eyes. There were others also with different, and funniest costumes.

Then suddently from one side to other, the "waves" started. We could see the people standing up and sitting down, like waves of ocean. Real Ocean of cricket fans.

I have heard from my friends, that we cant see anything. The score board wont be visible, as the stadium is so big, and we are too small. But there was a big screen, So I was checking the screen for the updates.

We could see Ravi Shastri in the screen with the captains. I searched in the ground to see them. Atlast found out that, they are in a corner with the Toss. We called home, and found out that India is going to bat.

After some 5 minutes, the players came to the ground.

The crowd welcomed Sachin and Shewag with great round of applauses and whistles. Crowd was screaming, for each balls. Drums were beating up. I also took part with the small whistle which I bought when we came.

I was trying to get some good pics, so that I can put in the orkut. I tried different types. Atlast I got a picture.

Shewag was in great form. For each four and six the full stadium was standing up and clapping out. Sachin got out at 11, clean bowled. So there was a break of bands. But the next batsman was Gautam, who also took part with Shewag’s big hits. So the crowd became excited again.

After some 10 overs there was a break. The pitch was getting bad. The grounds men came and started repairing it. I could see some more people with funniest costumes.

The game started again. Then we got a call from house, telling its raining out there. So we knew it is going to rain in a couple of minutes. The clouds gathered so fast. And it started raining. At the very first moment, Umpires stopped the play and grounds men ran with the cover ups.

In couple of minutes the ground was jam-packed with water. We also thought of taking a break. Went out to get some food. The rain sprayed up all over the ground.

We got a news that it will resume in another half an hour. The flood lights were turned on. Match referee and other umpires came and checked up the ground.

The crowd’s passion also watered up. But once they saw the players coming up the ground, it started with the same excitement as the commencement.

Shewag atlast hit his 50, and Gautam with a good support was on the crease. The total overs were reduced to 44.

I got enough time to think a lot about the cricket and the players when rain hit the ground. The balling team (England), was not having so much of fans, as it was not there home court. More than 25,000 people were making thunderous sounds for just 2 people, who were batting. The energy they get while they are on the crease will be enormous.

Only 4 more overs were balled. So the over came to 18 mark. The rain again started. And the players went back to the dressing room.

Once again the ground got her blanket back. We knew that it is not possible to continue the match as the rain was making headway so fast. We left the stadium in 5 minutes. After reaching home, saw that again the match started, with overs cut to 22.

Even though rain slashed away lots of time, and overs, it was a good experience. We could see the electrifying crowd, and the great team India. When we left the stadium, so many birds where on stage inspite of the rain.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Dark clouds took me 6 years back"

Dark clouds gathered in the sky and nature was in its best. I took a break from my work and went to the pantry to grab a cup of coffee. I had a sip and went near the window to watch the nature outside. I was inside our huge office building, unruffled by even the fierceness of the nature.

Through the heavy transparent glass, I could see so many small houses down.

I found out small little boys flying kites in of them. There were many groups of boys in the roof of each flat, trying to launch their kites. Some are flying so high while some are on the run way. I could feel the enthusiasm of those boys, though I was not with them.

As our childhood gives us sweet and cold memories, mine was so also with much of fun. I vividly remember those days. But I do remember my college days, especially when I was doing my Under graduation. (The truth is that I was never in college during my pre degree days. Was enjoying in Movie Theaters :-). Anyway for name sake or so I can also tell I also belong to the last pre degree batch in one of the ancient colleges of India).

Coming back, I joined for my UG in MES Asmabi College, Thrissur, where my parents are working. From the first day onwards I was having a feeling that I am put up in a cage. (May be Tihar Central Jail :-D ) even though I was with my parents. I had very few friends that too most of them the teachers of college, as they are the friends of my parents. Used to play badminton with the Professors who stayed in the hostel. I was like a bird put up in a cage. During my pre degree days, there was no one to control. I was my own owner. No Classes more classes. Bunk, go to net cafe, movie theatre etc etc... Fun filled days. After that, now I was in pressure to attend all the classes from the morning to eve. Used to come to college with dad and mom before 5 minutes of bell. Left the college at right time.

Asmabi was a very small college compared to CMS college where I did my pre degree.

(Courtesy: Vimal )

There was no other place to roam. Everything is just walkable distance. Library, canteen and auditorium, everything was so near. In CMS College, if we want to go to library we should probably get an auto.

But things started to change a lot by the end of first year. I got lots of good friends. Especially two which was so near to my heart, Anvar and Shihab. We planned for some skits and drama’s in the Arts Festival. I wrote the drama. I was playing the role of a father who is in his old age. Though we only got 2nd prize, that made us popular J

There were two political parties strong in our campus. SFI and KSU. I was really interested in KSU when I was in school. But when I started to hear more about SFI and the students who were working, I also planned to join that. For the first times, when we go for the strikes through the “Verandas” my dad comes by back and used to catch me. After some bitter experiences, I made a plan. When English Dept. comes I will go in the middle of the crowd, so that he cant come and pick me up. Hehehehe J

Even after years I passed out from that college, I can visualize the scenes of making simple issues, creating troubles for a strike. At those days we used to tell the principal that there was some fight in the nearby college and we are going for a strike. Even though it was strike day and no classes will be taken, the students never used go home till eve. They will sit in the verandas and chat. That’s the special thing about Asmabi, no one will never ever forget it in his life.

(Courtesy: Vimal )

We started writing and getting it published in the college magazines. Every year we used to write something. We were having a group, who used to perform in the Arts Festival. When we were in final year I don’t know how many events we took part. Tableau, Drama, Mimicry, Monoact, Elocution, Kolkali, whatever be, we will be der to participate.

The great memories of our college days comes with a college election too. When we were in Second year I started to take part in elections also. The Election day, Fight between the winning and loosing groups, Union Inauguration, Fine Arts Festival and at last College day.

Like leaves falling from a tree in summer, the years also went so fast. Three years went like 3 minutes. UG also got finished so fast. But still when I see a picture of my old college, it reminds me about all those memories. Long lasting memories, which I will never forget in my life Every one will have such memories in life. These good times only help us to cheer up when we are sad, and old. When we are aged, these memories will stand like a wall and tell us, come on lets go to our past and enjoy the good old days we had.

Now, I can see the boys firm with their kites flying it so high, with all the fun which I lost a long time back. But I do have memories which give me full energy to live more than 100 years. :-)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A "Dua" for you..

About the title : Its a "DUA"(small prayer) for you. May be u can take it in two ways. A "Prayer for you" or small experience of a "Dua" - for you... I mean the both...

I attended a lecture last week. I don't remember the topic actually. But after some days it made me think about the topic. The speaker was talking about the different lifestyles of people. But at that point of time, it didn’t make any sense. Yesterday one of my friend added a new video to orkut. I used to check the updates. So I logged to youtube to see the original video.

That video was more than what i expected. It was a small "DUA" sung by a small child. I downloaded it and copied to my mobile. Today while coming to office in cab, i was listening to the "Dua".. It made me think a lot. So took the laptop and stared writing. I got my next topic for the blog... :-)

I was just watching other people passing through my window. They all look like similar??? No there are some distinctions. There are boys and girls. In boys, there are again differences. Some are tall, some are short. Some have different complexion. Some are looking so good. Some others have good hair style. So i could find so many differences. If we are going much deeper, we can see lots of other physical distinctions...

You may be thinking that i am going out of topic. No... I m not. We are watching all these things everyday, may be. So what is there to tell. What made me to write into a blog.

You wont be thinking in the same direction what I think. Bcos each and every man has his own ideas. Extremely different from others.

During our school days, may be till 10th we all learn the same things. After that for +2 we are getting separated to different streams. Some will go to commerce stream, others to science stream, and so on... After that different other degrees and post graduations.

May be now u r an engineer, a lawyer, a teacher, a scientist. What ever be, we all play crucial role for the nation building. Our forefathers did so many things, so we are enjoying life now. The technology is so advanced, From STONES to CHIPS.. Change is happening every where. (Its happenening in US too :-) Obama the great leader urges for change now.. )

If I am going to sleep from morning to evening for whole week, What will you think about me. "HE is MAD :-)".. May be we all are doing the same thing. Physically we all are awake now,(I guess, otherwise u cant read this :-) ). But I will say, we all are sleeping. This is case of all who is not aware "WHAT HE IS and WHAT HIS DUTY IS.."

We do work. But mechanically, not knowing what we are doing. There are lots more,. We can do something to others and to this world. If Edison thought of sleeping all the day, we would have been in dark without a bulb.

Some where some one is watching you... You wont be knowing about that.. So its time to wake up. It doesn’t mean that u have to stop what u r doing. Do something which you like, Some thing additional too…

May be that will play a crucial role in next generation....