Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Phase of Life !!!

I joined EMC in a Cold December. It was like a dream comes true for me. Still I was having lots of confusions.

I was waiting for my first child... After the so called waiting period is over, it happened. I was so happy to see her. Just like every other parent I also started thinking about the future of my daughter. What NAME should be given? Searched a lot for a first-class name. At last HE gave her a good name. He is my mentor; he guides me all through my life here. So I didn’t have a second thought.

I borrowed lots of books from the Library, on Internet, to find out the new technologies that I can guide her. I wanted her to be one among the top. When the first child is born in the family, the grand parents, uncles, aunties and all others never let the child set a step in the ground. They will carry her all around. But SHE was having “no” Grand parents, no Uncles and no Aunties. It was me all around her. So I had to observe each and every step of her.

When she wrote her graduation exam, I was more tensed. She never bothered about it. Once she got her graduation, new requirements came. She started learning for her Masters. For a span of time, she was away from me. I was so sad. I never expected this. She completed her Masters and came back. My next headache was to find a good job for her. At last she got selected for the best. Now everyone looks at her and admires her. She is one among the top. She is having a gold medal in her Masters and a very good job too.

It was HIM who told me its time to start thinking of her marriage. We started our search for a good guy. A very suitable date is fixed. So many friends of mine will be coming from abroad too to see her and bless her. Everything happened to be good and great by Gods' Grace..

Now my duty is over, but still I do have lots of tensions. Because she is going to step into this big world. For me, she is still a child. So many visitations may come in. I wont be there to help her out all the time.

This is Nature’s Law. After a period we all will be alone. We have to learn by ourselves, to solve the concerns that come along our alleyway.

I will be posted to a new project soon; my new unknown child is waiting there... So again I have to start my cycle. From the beginning…Checking for a good name …..

Here I can start a new cycle. But in real life, I don’t think we will have a chance to rethink about our decision. So be wise in all the things you do. You cannot rub anything from your life, because you are using a permanent marker...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Traffic Jam and the Unknown Girl !!!

I thought of stop writing the blogs. But I was getting lots of threads after that ...

Bangalore, the place which was part of Ganga Kingdom, is referred to as a place in which a battle was fought in 890, now called as the IT Hub, or Silicon Valley of India.

I did rather call it by another name, "The City of Traffic- JAMs". These days, Traffic Jams' irritate the man a lot. Some new website ( has been launched with the updated traffic images of popular location in Bangalore.

When we come to office, @ morning 8.00, there will be traffic Jam in some places near to Bhommanahalli, and for sure, in Madiwala. I always hated Traffic Jams; but now that gave me my new thread for the blog.

One fine day morning of November, we were struck up in the Jam, near to madiwala Ayyappan Temple. The songs were playing non stop from my cell phone. I could see lots of people waiting for the bus, some eagerly waiting to cross the road. It takes too much time to cross the road too.

These days, I was trying to enjoy each and every moment, in the block, watching new people, and new faces.

That day I saw a "girl", in green Churidar, heading towards the bus stop. I don’t no what made me notice that girl, may be her charm, or the way she dressed. I could see lots of modern girls around. But she was not wearing any modern types of dress. Simple, but good one. May be because of that I noticed her. (In our college days we used to tease other guys, calling them MLA's, Mouth Looking Agents. I am afraid I am doing the same thing now.)..Anyway I couldn see her properly, as the signal turned to green, and our cab started from there.

The very next day I was eagerly waiting to reach madiwala, and to stop at the signal... I was peeping outside the window so that I can see the signal. Finally I saw the signal is coming down to red. So we stopped the same place as we were yesterday. The same girl was there, Today I found out the ID card she was wearing. But couldn read the same,

I could see her everyday morning. (It will be better to say, I searched her everyday :-D). So the same story was continuing for the full week. On friday she was wearing a modern dress. I have heard from my friends that Infy Guys are allowed to wear non formal dress on friday. So I assumed, she is working for Infosys.

One day after seeing the girl, I was into a deep thought.

She never knows that I am watching her, its almost a month time, I am seeing her. But she never realized that.

So many people will be watching us everyday from some where, we could even think of.

God Himself is there, watching each and every man, what he is doing, where he is going and what he is thinking. But we never see him or bother him.

There is a small proverb in Malayalam, translation is something like this "Cat is having the milk by closing its eyes." The cat thinks that no one will see him, if it closes the eyes.

These days I cant see her, at the bus stop... Everyday when the cab reaches madiwala, I will sneak a look through the window in search of her. But...

Where is she.. She changed her timing, or she moved from madiwala.
OR SHE GOT "FIRED"... God Knows !!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Last Message through orkut !!!!

There was a King, who was so popular to the neighboring countries. He was such a powerful King, so that the entire people in the Kingdom was afraid to talk a single word against him.

One day a man came to meet the king. He told he is having very good attire for him. King was happy when he heard that .

Before the man handover the costume to king, he told that very intelligent people can only see this.

And handed over the Dress. There was nothing is his hand. King also knew that. But he couldn tell tat, cos if he is going to tell that then he will be told as a fool, As intelligent people can only see the cloth.

So he removed all the cloths, and pretended to wear the virtual cloth. He got into this chariot and went through the streets of his kingdom. Lots of people gathered to see him. They started praising his new attire. King was so happy. He thought the entire kingdom is so intelligent..

But there was a boy who saw king coming in the chariot wearing nothing.

So he couldn praise his attire. But he talked loudly..

"The King is NUDE!!!! "

The only one who was courageous in the entire kingdom.

We are also watching the king being wearing nothing. We know the king is nude. Still..

Its high time, we should also speak out like the child that "the king is nude"..

I am done with this. So this is my last message to you all through orkut ...

I am going to stop orkutting.

I will be available always in my yahoo and gmail mail id.. I think you all know that.

So all the best.

"Be courageous to tell the truth.
Share the truth with others..
Ask them to speak out..
Otherwise we are exactly like the kingdom of that great KING"