Thursday, February 26, 2009


I was really sad these days. Thinking a lot about life. From my previous blog, you will know where my mind is wandering. What life is all about, a series of intersecting incidents, out of any ones control!!!

Today one of my friend shared the titled film. I was hearing that name for the first time. She teased me a lot, as that was an Oscar Nominated film, and I didn’t even knew that. So I thought of watching that. Once I reached home, my first job was to watch that movie. I really felt its worth sharing.

Last week one of my friend was asking me, why do people blog. There are lots of things happen in our daily life. Why to waste time, writing it and ask some others to read that, by wasting their time too. May you be can find an answer in this blog.

Coming back to the movie…It begins with a story of a blind man who is busy making a clock. In the mean course of time, he looses his son, who was in army. After much hard work, that man completes his big clock. It was a clock, which runs backward. He was having a solid reason to make that. Let him tell in his reason “May all the children who died in the war. Let my son also come back.”

The Hero in the movie, Benjamin is a special character, who born up with some disability... He looks like an old man. When years pass by, he is getting younger. He could see all his loved ones, depart from life, and he is getting younger day by day… His wife, gives birth to a baby girl. One fine day, he leaves the baby and mother, as she cannot take care of two babies at a time... And atlast he dies in Diapers.

I loved a reel in that movie. Daisy (the heroine) met up an accident. It’s well taken. A lady comes out from a hotel room, for shopping. However she forgot her coat. She came back to hotel room took her coat, and reached the street. But she missed the taxi. In the mean time, Daisy is dancing. The lady got into the same taxi after sometime, and went for shopping. The shopkeeper girls, delays the packing. She broke up with her boy friend last night and she is not in a good mood. In the mean time, Daisy finishes her shower. The lady gets back to car and moves. Daisy is coming outside, but her friend’s shoe lace broke. Some how they fix it and reaches the street, the car where the lady was coming hits her. Benjamin thinks about that incident. If the lady was cautious enough to carry her coat, she might have got the taxi, and if the shop keeper girl was happy with her boy friend, then she would have packed it perfectly. Atlast if Daisy’s friend wouldn’t have broke her shoe lace, then Daisy would have been safely crossed the road.

In our real life also, we too come across similar things. Because of our carelessness something might have went wrong in this beautiful world. Time is precious. If you plan to do something, do it right away without any lack of care. You may never get back the same year, same month, same day, same hour, same minute, and even same second…

The film ends by some saying,

Some people are born to sit by a river,

Some get struck by lightening,

Some have an ear of music,

Some are artists,

Some Swim,

Some know Shakespeare,

Some are mothers,

And some people, dance.

I and you are also assigned to play a role in this world. I dont have much to leave...

I will go out of this world, as the same way I came in, alone and with nothing.

All I have is my STORY…

Monday, February 23, 2009

Rest in Peace !!!

Last week my Laptop got virus infected. I was not able to connect to Internet this week end. Today morning itself, I called up IT people to repair. Usually when I reach office, I always check all the mails, flickr, orkut, gmail chat etc etc.
But today my entire time table was washed away by the great Virus King. Some how in the after noon, I managed to log into gmail chat. A Shocking news was waiting for me. One of my friend, passed away in the previous week. I couldn realize that. Last week only I chatted with him in orkut. I was asking him about his new hair style.

I rushed into his orkut profile, and found so many condolence messages in the scrap book. I couldn control myself. How can that happen??? Why God is so cruel these days????
I couldn see him in gmail chat for some days, so I was planning to shoot a mail or a scrap. But !!!
I am realizing the meaning of Life now. We used to write in the Slam books “Life is like an Ice cream, enjoy it before melts”. Now I know, what it really means.
His orkut status message for the last time is “am living through each one of u....”. Don’t know what made him to write like that. Google may delete the ID after some days. But I am sure, he can never be erased from our mind.
Life is too short; we don’t know when we will get our call. I saw a writing in one of my friend’s orkut picture. “Each person who crossed me taught me what life is... I was taught a father's love & a mother's warmth, A sister's companionship & a brother's charm. A friend's broken heart which needed some love, The hunger of a stray dog, the pain of a dove.”
He also taught me so many things.. Please pray to Lord Almighty, so tat his soul rests in peace!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Dreadful Dream !!!

I used to write blogs on my personal life. But this time I thought why cant I think different. It’s just because of some sort of fear that’s coming from my bottom mind.

Last week I visited my home at Kerala. I was coming back from shop at noon time. It was really hot. I really felt like sun is shining directly to my forehead (My friends excuse, as you know the reason :-p ). We have to cross a river; very recently a bridge got constructed. But I couldn see any water in that canal. It’s dried up everywhere; even wells are having very less water!!! It’s just beginning of Feb and I have never experienced this type of drought recently.

Today I saw a documentary about River Ganga in NDTV. The holy river is having very less water now. If this is the condition, we won’t be able to perform religious rituals in Ganga in near future.

The scientists found out the ozone layer depletion are creating these issues especially in Kerala. I have studied about these when I was in high school. But then my aim was to get a car with AC and work in a big company having centralized AC. So I don’t have to be concerned about Sun. I considered the group trying to create awareness as “People out of mind”.

But now a dreadful dream is disturbing me.

  1. If ELECTRICITY is not there?
  2. If we don’t have WATER to drink?

We can run from SUN, but we can’t from NATURE. We live here. We are dependents of this great treasure.

Our ancestors used to sleep under trees, may be they felt the real AC effect there. They used to drink cold water from the streams, as they provided a cooling effect just like a fridge and of course the rivers were not polluted like these days.

But now where are those trees, where are those streams and rivers. They are transformed to flats, and big buildings. In the coming years our life is going to be really tougher.

At least we can start now, so that our children can have a better life.

Nature is a precious, Save it, don't Destroy it !!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Puppet Show !!!

I had a chance to watch a puppet show last week. So I thought its worth sharing through blog. Before I proceed I will give you a brief intro about puppets.

A puppet is an inanimated object or representational figure animated by a puppter. It is usually (but by no means always) a depiction of a human character and is used in puppetry, a play or presentation that is a very ancient form of theatre. There are many different varieties of puppets, and they are made of a wide range of materials, depending on their form and intended use.

Okay, coming back. The way my life these days, is really hectic. My daylight hours start around 6.30 – 7.00. By 7.45 will start to office. In the gap of 30 minutes while I travel, I call some of my friends in random, talk to them, otherwise listen to some music, or I will take my laptop and start writing something for the next blog. Usually office timings end by 6.15. But these days, I swear I have never seen those evenings. I will be leaving by around 10.00 or so from office. Reach home after 45 minutes. Flattttt on the bed.

Earth revolves round the sun, giving us seconds, minutes, hours, days and finally a year. (I stopped in a year, because I was told in my school days that earth revolves round the sun in 365 days and we call it a year). I also experience like revolving around something, because my life is also a cycle.

I find a real similarity between those puppets and the so called “Human Beings”.

1. Puppets play before a live audience. But the HUMAN PUPPETS performs for no one.

2. Puppets can’t speak, but we can speak.

3. Some one dubs for them, so that audience can be aware of the play. But we have our own voice, but no one listens.

As Oscar Wilde wrote, “There are many advantages in puppets. They never argue. They have no crude views about art. They have no private lives.” May be it’s the only difference between PUPPETS and HUMAN PUPPETS.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Life @ IF – ELSE loop…

Today I was talking to my friend. A new member is going to join his family. So I told him, that we can expect a party in the near future. He started with IF…

Before I started the chat I was coding a segment with IF-ELSE loop. When I was in college I never thought IF-ELSE will be one of the main thing, for coding. But in real life also its playing an important role. So why cant I write a blog about that.

Our Life starts with an IF- Else… (I wont be writing the ELSE part. That’s just self explanatory)

IF : The new born baby is a boy,


IF : The child will get an admission in good school . (These days for nursery admission itself, we have to register)


IF : He will get good marks in SSLC?


IF: Will he get a good rank in entrance?


IF : What about the placement, an MNC?


IF: A good girl to marry???


IF: New Child boy/ girl?


May be by the time, the thinker will be old, and he wont have enough time to think about himself…

The cycle goes into an infinite loop. But no one is thinking about this, and then try to put a BREAK statement so that it will come out of the loop. This is the loop of life, the infinite loop....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why life is like this ????

My grandmom’s sister passed away yesterday (4/2/09). I was not able to work properly for the entire day. She was so close to us. It was like a tour for us, the kids, when we used to visit her house. I have never seen her sitting some where idle. She used to run fast from one room to other, talking a lot without keeping the visitor bored, and prepares lots of stuff to eat. I loved to walk with Uncle, around the countryside, to the small hill nearby, and to the ponds.

But last time, when I visited her, she was so tired. I couldn't even imagine, she will be so feeble, She even cant walk, or talk. She was paralyzed.

Why life is like this??? I was thinking a lot. When we are born to this new world, GOD gives us lots of people to love, to care. By the time goes on, we will become so close to them. Then he calls them back, leaving us alone. All alone in this world. I have never thought of death, and the concerns after one is moved from this world. What is there to think about that and talk a lot. Its clear. If we are born, we have to die. Each day how many people die. But it was my grandmom (Mom’s mom)s death made me realize that!!!!

When I hear about death these days, I am getting shocked. How the family is going to accept this. There will be a real vacuum. What I feel the only thing we can do is to console them, be with them, and pray for them.

Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,

It seems to me most strange that men should fear;

Seeing that death, a necessary end,

Will come when it will come.” -- William Shakespeare

Monday, February 2, 2009

3 in 3 !!!

Last weekend I went to Kodungallur, where I spent my 3 great years of graduation. I reached there on Saturday 10.30 A.M. Was supposed to reach there by 7.30 or so. I was late by around 3 hours. So I had to change my plans accordingly. Sunday by 3 P.M.. I have to leave from home. Divided my time into equal shares so that I can enjoy the lasting hours..

I planned 3 hours to spend with my friend. I was having 2 best friends during my graduation. One left to Dubai for job. One is still here. So I called up Anvar and charted out our plans for 3 hours. He told, we will recall memories of 3 years in 3 hours. And that’s how the blog name “3 in 3”.

He came with the bike on right time. Every eve after the class we will have tuition. I don’t know whether it can be called as tuition. (We started it only when we were in final year). So we have rented a bike for last couple of months, so that we can reach there immediately after our college timing, and get back home soon. There is a lake nearby. So after the class, we three used to go there and sit for sometime. And when the sky getting dark we will move from there to Shihab (my 2nd friends house). We will leave him there, have some cup of coffee and leave to my home. During exam time, we will dedicate full time to TUITION. But the real scenario is different. We will go to Shihab’s house (it’s an old and small house) will sit at the veranda, and chat. His Mom, used to get us coffee, tea in equal intervals. In between the so called study session, we will take some breaks, roam through the countryside and will have mangoes, and other stuffs. His cousins used to cut the mangoes for us.

The life has taken each of us into different alleyways. Shihab’s old house is renovating into a big one. It was after such a long time, we are there. We spend sometime there. Planned to go to the riverside, also. But we didn’t realize how fast the time is flying. The sky was getting darker. So we bid farewell to them, and started through the old dark road to my house. I was riding the bike after a long time, Anvar was endlessly talking about our old days, when we used to ride through that places.

Sun has submerged into the sea. Night is spreading up so fast. But even in the darkness memories wont leave you.