Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thirikada (Script)

So many friends told me THIRAKADA is a nice movie.. It has a resemblance to life of great actress Sreevidhya, and Kamalhasan. I came to know that she died with cancer.

After a long time, yesterday I got that film. We had no electricty at home... So was forced to see the film in the mean time. That made me a real thought!!! “Renjith” the film director has done an excellent job.

The film, which has Prithviraj playing Akbar Ahmed, a young director who decides to make a film on the life and love of actress Malavika, who had disappeared years back. After a long journey, he finds out the great actress in a hospital bed with a pathetic situation. Once she comes to the screen, the viewers also gets a shock. Such a drastic change to human face.

I couldn take it as one of the Malayalam movies. There are lots of real incidents like this happening in our world. Very recently Jade goody. Look at her picture.

She was a hot news in many of the dailys before some months. After Shipa Shetty’s Big Brother Show she got famous all over India. After a long gap she is back again. See the picture down.

We can’t think about this severe change. Its not film.. Its reality.. In climax, Akki, tells to his lover. If it’s a film, through the script we knows, what is the climax, whether it’s a comedy, or tragedy? But in real life, so many actors, and actresses, without the help of a good script, or with the help of a Director, plays something !!!

Life takes us through so many phases… Who knows what will happen to us in the very next minute. The message Renjith gives as Heroine is very notable. “The world will still go on, a day after a day. But I will not be there, once I am dead”

Thursday, March 19, 2009

People I Know – 1 - One!!!

When I was coming from office, I just thought, how many people I know in this world. In my orkut I have more than 700 contacts. In facebook I have another 200, yahoo IM more 70, and flickr around 150. Some may be common. But still... Family members are excluded from this count. So many friends, who studied with me from my class 1 whom I could not list either in orkut or facebook. There is an option in every social networking site, to write a testimonial to them. From today I will randomly select one and write about someone whom I know in this small world.

Last day I had a chat with one of my colleague in EMC. His name is Gireesh Ranjan Bhat. That small chat made me think a lot about my perceptions and insights. Girish is a person who can be called someone down to earth. Its almost one and half years we became friends. I have never seen someone like this. So simple, creative, humble. If you have any problem, just go to him, he will be having a good solution for that. He is just amazing. There are so many people which we come across. But I really consider as a blessing to know and be a friend of this guy.

While we were talking, he told “Success” in life can be defined on different basis. A guy may be successful in one field, but he may be a failure in some other. Because success itself have different definitions. One thing I am sure, this guy will be a successful in all ventures. May God bless him.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In a Nut Shell !!!

These days, my favorite site is “”. I could see good descriptions to each picture. For self portraits, they express some random facts about them. It’s really hard to find some good and interesting facts about yourself.

I am giving a try to list out 16 random facts about me…

  1. First and most important thing, I love photography, more over it’s a passion now.
  2. I love to blog.
  3. I love making new friends.
  4. I am addicted to orkut these days.
  5. Flickr is the second website I love, first is google, of course.
  6. I love acting, directing.
  7. I hate betrayers.
  8. Most negative thing in me is trusting others too much.
  9. Takes time to adapt, but once it is done, then you will feel I am so fast.
  10. I love to talk and learn new things.
  11. My Mobile, Digi Cam & laptop – three things which I cant live without.
  12. I love people who talks a lot.
  13. I don’t have any special menu, simply love to eat everything which I feel interested.
  14. I love to sit, walk lonely and may be write some good poems too.
  15. I care friends, and want to be with them all time.
  16. I fear what others think about me, so please tell me what you feel about this blog too.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Half !!!

These days I am getting lots of email forwards from my juniors. Most of them started their last semester Project, and is away from Amrita. So it’s a honey moon period for them. I remember a mail, which had a story... I thought I will share that.

One day a lady was waiting in the airport. It was told the plane will get delayed by some more time. So she went to the shop and bought some biscuits. Came to the chair and sat there. In the mean she saw the guy sitting beside her started eating the biscuits. She got really annoyed. But didn’t tell anything. She also took a biscuit. He didnt stop it till the last biscuit. She thought the guy will allow her to have that. But he took the biscuit without any hesitation made into half, give her a piece. This was more than enough. She got really angry. But didnt respond then... After some time she was searching something in the bag, and found a biscuit packet.

This is how this world is... We assume everything is ours. We owe the whole world. I love US President Obama's speeches. He always tells, we should start the "Change" now, so that our children will have a better future.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A 2 Z … is that what I know?

Don’t get amazed by the title. You will figure it out by the end. I don’t know how to describe this blog. As one of my thought, or a question???

My world in the very first day was a small hospital room, where my mom gave birth to me. The day light which was coming out through the window is or was my first shower of sun bath. After some days I reached my home, at Kottayam (a small town in Gods own country). I consider the very first wind, carrying the smell of rubber sheets as my first odor of this world (as my house is situated in middle of a rubber estate J ). I don’t really remember whether my first taste was of candy, or salty.

Then life took me to the world of letters. It was ‘A’ who welcomed me. English, Math, Science, History etc etc, told me so many things, which I understood as this world. But in real life, I only knew the way to school and back to my home. All others where just mysteries.

I moved from School to College and from the small town to City. I saw different people, learned so many things. Read a lot about this beautiful world, still all where just mysteries, other than my route from college to my native home.

I was told that now I am Post Graduated. But in real life!!! When will I get a post graduation? I feel like, I am still struggling to pronounce the very first letter ‘A’.

World is big, so as the history. We can learn so many things from books, but after some time we will feel like mysteries. We meet so many people. Learn a about their life. We feel like they are also like stories. Entirely new and different stories from others. That is also just a mystery.

So it’s ‘A’ to ‘Z’ what we learn in life???