Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lets everyone take his own......if he is still alive.......

I was away for more than a month now... I don't no why... May be i was bit busy with my photography. I bought a new SLR camera last month, so was just playing around with that. Doing Project 365, each picture a day. I was told like it keeps on improving our creativity, and our photography skills.

I was too much into flickr these days. My Team lead was asking me, how many pictures will i see a day.. May be 200-300 is the answer :-) Anyway, today i saw a picture taken by my flickr friend. That gave me a topic to think. The picture was all about some old things. An old hammer. Some old clocks. The next frame, i loved a lot. It was some rings. It should be told as a pile of rings. The title he has given is Lets everyone take his own......if he is still alive....... From the description i found that those were something used by some people who died.

Are they still alive some where???
Will they be able to come back???

So many unanswered, dumb questions having only one blank answer.

Will there be someone to read these blogs, see the pictures which we took once we take rest after our long journey. ..

Hope someone will try to explore these stuff !!!