Friday, May 8, 2009

Life Time Award???

In my work place every month we have some awards among teams. We can nominate anyone for this. But before nomination, there is a questionnaire to ask ourselves.

1. What is the impact to the organization?
2. Is this part of this person’s job description?
3. Does it help his/her immediate group?
4. Does it help cross functional groups?
5. Does it help Company internally?
6. Does it help Company externally?
7. Does it save money?
8. Does it save time?
9. Is it a one-time accomplishment with temporary benefit or is something that will ease the everyday process for one or more people over the long term?

In this world every one has his own life. I would like to re write some of the questions in the questionnaire and try to correlate it to our life.

1. Is this a part of this person’s life description?

2. What is his life to the world?

3. Does it help others?

4. Does it save time?

I will try to give my own descriptions for each questions.

  1. Everyone who lives in this earth is having certain common goals. They educate themselves, job, marry, kids, make money etc. I feel this as a cycle. Each and every human being is trying hard to complete this cycle. We don’t have time to spare.
  2. I believe we should do something which impacts this world. Each and every minute a new life is planted in this world. They too go through the present cycle. If so, what impact it makes to the world.
  3. Life is always bonded to something or someone. We can’t live without the help of others. We started our life with help of someone. Still living with the help of other. Life is a dark tunnel. If we want to proceed further, we should ask the guy who stands next to us. We are so good in getting help… but giving them back???
  4. Time - the most precious thing. Whoever you are, what ever you are, you have only 86400 seconds or 1440 minutes or 24 hours. We can’t give a second to anyone, so that he can have 25 hours a day.