Sunday, July 26, 2009

A day @ Summanahalli

Its after a long time I am writing a blog. Yesterday something touched my mind. I thought I will write it. It all happened when our Church Youth planned to have a charity visit to a Re habitation center. I also planned to join them. On Saturday itself Achan (our Parish Priest) gave us an idea, what that center is all about. A center of Lepor patients, Blind, disabled, HIV/ AIDs infected and much more.

After the Holy Mass, we started to Summanahalli at 11.00 AM. It was an hour and half journey from our church. Thats center is a Christian organization and some Catholic priests are the office bearers. The priests there, welcomed us, and told us about them. They used to conduct survey’s and medical check ups in and around Summanahalli and find out the in mates. At the very early stage if you are able to find leper patients the more faster they will get cured. Once they are cured, the center will educate them, give them a job, try to find a suitable partner, and allow them to live a usual life.

He introduced a guy who is perfectly alright now. He is a very good artist, now doing his LLB. He showed us some of his painting and other art works.

I was really moved. Time was almost 1.30 then, we started to have lunch with the in mates. Most of them were from different places of India. So they speak many languages. So that was a barrier for me. Some of our friends who knew to speak Kannada, interacted with them, while others served the food for them. There were many destitute s, who lost their limbs, and several other organs.

Some of them were struggling to use spoons as they lost their fingers. I could see some blind ppl. I thought I have to thank God for giving me these gifts, for what I am.

I was going through each table. At one table I saw some young guys having food. All the people went with the plates and got the food from the main table. But these guys are not helping any one. So I thought they are the staff. As we are serving they don't have any work, they are also having their lunch. But, something was wrong in my mind. May be because they are not comparable with the others who are disabled. They are not blind, they have fingers, they have arms, and moreover a well built body. Anyway I left the table, and be the part of the team, who was serving the food.

Everyone finished their lunch, and was going out. The guys who were sitting round the table, whom i noticed, were also coming out. May be i can call that moment as the TIME I GOT A NEW MESSAGE. The time, which I felt so ashamed too.

“I saw the young guys coming out walking with their hands. The don’t have legs. Or may be the legs are not good enough to walk. They walk using their hands.” I was dumbfounded for sometime.

Somebody from my inner heart was telling me. "You should never misjudge people like this. God is great. He gifted you everything".

After the visit while we were returning I had only one prayer for them,

“May God give them...

For every storm a rainbow,

for every tear a smile,

for every care a promise

and a blessing in each trial.

For every problem life sends,

for every sigh a sweet song

and an answer for each prayer.”