Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eternal Journey!

Last week i was going to my native. Before I start my journey, i used to check my luggage, as everyone does. But the three main things i used to check are
a. Purse
b. Mobile
c. Drinking water

Some random thoughts came to my mind, while i was in bus. I wrote those snippets into my mobile notes.

1.Why I am bothered about my Purse?
2. Why I am bothered about my Mobile?
3. And Why I am bothered about Drinking water.

As it is an over night journey, if I loose my water bottle, there is no chance to get water at mid night. If i loose my purse, i wont be able to buy something to eat. And most important, if i loose my mobile, i cant call anyone if something bad happened.

But at the worse case if i loose my mobile, I cant lent from some one, so as water, and money.

These days, i happen to hear so many deaths of my relatives. So many near ones passed away. I dont no whether its a weird thought. According to Christian faith, once we die, we will start our Eternal Journey. I have read and heard from others that once we leave this world, both angels and evil spirits will come and fight for our soul. For our great fore father, Moses, it happened. What will happen to my case? or your case?

If i want to leave Kerala this friday, i will book my ticket atleast by monday, and make sure, i have got a good bus, and a comfortable seat. But i don't think we can book a ticket for our eternal journey. Nor we can't try for a postponement. It is fixed.

So what are you planning to carry? We will be alone in the journey. Once i was making a video i wanted a quote to put as last message. One of my friend gave me a quote.

"Three things will accompany us to our grave.
One is our relative,
Another is our wealth.
But only thing that will accompany us is our Virtues."

N.B : I have heard that Alexander the Great asked his servants to make two holes in his coffin and put his hands through that to outside. So that everyone can see he is not taking anything from this world.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Letter to Parents!

I was down with Chicken pox and fever for about a week. Really away from everything. No access to net, not to phone (I rarely used). Lived in an isolated room, of course bath attached one, no need to go out for anything. After the toughest week in my life, I am totally blank. What I was doing? What was my routine? What all projects I left in the middle? No idea !!!

Just to get back, I started to make a video. Wanted to check out my creativity is still there or pox took that too :) After the video, second venture, my blogging. In the past one week I was not at all thinking about any subjects. Usually when I am down with fever I used to think a lot and come up with something great. Last time, it was typhoid, when I was doing my Last semester Post Graduation. Made a very good video which we presented in college, and I revised the version, presented in my office too. Got some prizes for the same. :) But this time, oops sorry…

Anyway! I had some questions from my younger age. WHO AM I? WHY I AM HERE? I am baptized as a Christian, but during my college times, may be for sometime, I was not so close with them. I was with Hindus. I was with Muslims. I was with Buddhists. I was with some of the GURU’s. Even I was with Communists. But No body gave me the answer.

Now I realize with some eternal bliss and blessing from God, he made me here, to be a son of two lovely bodies which came to earth. My Dad, and my Mom. When we watch a movie, I have heard my friends used to tell, If my Dad was like that, my Mom was like that… But why I haven’t thought like that! At my pre mature period of life, I was away from my parents. My brother was a linkage between us. He used to advice me. I got irritated with him. I used to ask him, why he always support them? But after the so called period, I realized that, they are just great. My Dad, never wanted we to follow some paths. If I love something, He will do a research on that, come with some books, reference materials, websites and make me read those, and get prepare for the same. At each time intervals, when we wanted a big jump, he used to get so many options before us and wanted us to select the same. I remember it was a 486 Computer, (if I write the configuration, you will be surprised, 2 GB HDD, BW monitor, 133 MHZ or so) he bought us when I was at 8 or so. We started off with games, then once we are familiar with Keyboard, then internet. I think it was at 95-96. Internet was not so common at that time, in our village. Not even computer. I haven’t seen him browsing with computers, not even my mom. But they managed to get what ever we should be part of the technological world.

My Mom, who always stood for love. I have never seen someone who has ever loved like this. She never hates anyone. She belives GOD IS LOVE. A true Christian who loves to obey her savior and follow his teachings. I don’t know what made me wrote a blog about my parents. I am not sure, whether they will read this one day. Still…

I was never worried for Death. When someone dies Mom used to cry a lot sitting in the bed. Who ever dies, I believed that we will be the same. My family, my relatives, my friends, they wont die J But all of a sudden, it was my grand mom (Mom’sMom) passed away. It was a shock for all of us. I knew she was old, still I believed that she will be like that, till end of the world. Only Birthdays are for me, and I get aged. Not my parents or my relatives. I wanted them to be the in the same age. Now I understand. If we are Born, we have to Die. So before each leaf is falling from the tree, I have to repay something. For allowing me to sit under the shadows, enjoy the fruits, enjoy the wind, and to take rest below it.

But how?