Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hit and Miss !!!

Yesterday I was reading Chetan Bagat's new book "2 States". I got interested when i read a paragraph. It was a letter from Ananya to Krish (Hero and Heroine in the play), telling she miss him.

Once i finished reading the book that thoughts kept haunting me too. What all things i MISS till date.

I MISS all my 7 friends whom i started my game with world of letters.
I MISS the boarding school and the evening basketball games.
I MISS the holidays (feast days) @ Boarding where we played from morning to evening.
I MISS our Youth Festivals , Science Exhibitions
I MISS our Parichamuttu and State Fest's.
I MISS my first college, class bunking and movies.
I MISS College elections, victory days.
I MISS girl friends @ College :P
I MISS our Badminton/ Cricket in the eve before our exams.
I MISS our small talks in LAB till 10.30 PM.
I MISS our late night talks
I MISS plays with security guys for plucking mangoes from campus.

Will i be able to do these things again? Never ever.

I MISS everything !!!

Who is a Priest?

One of my friend(I Should say my Tutor, my Best friend, etc etc), who is a priest asked me the titled question. I thought i will give him a small answer. But when i finished writing it came like a blog. I am posting the same.

I consider there are different types of call from God. Each and every man is called for something in this world. Some people works as Doctors, some as lawyers. Each and every one is asked to do his duty for the betterment of life assigned here. So that everyone can lead a good life. We are supposed to keep our block of brick in the building so that for the coming generation can reach a shelter.

But i feel "A CALL for priesthood" is entirely different from everything. First he should have a sense to hear about the call. He should decipher it properly. It is a gift from God himself. He wont give this call to everyone. But to someone, whom he thinks will be good enough to spend the entire life time with him.

A man who is waiting for a call or himself is a priest should take care of 3 things.

1. A mind prepared for the certain duties and liabilities which he is going to do at his priesthood.
2. He should have a special sense to hear the Call from God.
3. He should be accepted by the church and vise versa.

Our Forefathers teach us that, we the mankind is created by LORD to replace one set of angels who were thrown out from heaven. So Priest should be a person who lives a lifetime, as an example for others. He should have mindset prepared for that. Once he enters the missionary he is considered as dead to this world. To be more clear, even though he live in this world, he should be with God, praying for the children of God, like angels do. More over its a martyrdom for Lord. He should live like as a versatile who is always there to help others in any other field and to uplift them in the name of Lord.

A Dayaroyo is someone who plays more important job than any other priests. He should always consider 3 things in his life.

1. Celibacy.
2. Obidence.
3. Bravery.

I don't think, i have to explain the first topic. Next point is, He should be obident to God himself, and to the church. Noah and his family were the only loyal and obedient subjects to the legal power: they alone were saved.

He should be brave: Holy Confession is one the most important sacrament. A priest should be brave enough to teach the confessor about his sins and ask him to leave evil deeds. If he is a coward to ask the confessor about the same, then the priest himself is doing a Sin.

Most important thing a priest should practice in his life is to be humble. "Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord and He will exalt you.."

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What we learn from Saints ?

Yesterday i bought a book about St. Leopold. It solved so many questions in my mind. I thought why dont I write the summary of what I learned, as a blog. Here you go !!!

Saints are light of God. They show us the path to God. It gives us a feeling that, God is walking with us in this century also. More than that, they tell us, if we walk three more steps we can walk aside with them. The most important thing in our life is to lead a good life and set an example for others.

When we start our studies, our aim to finish it and get a good job. Once we are done with our studies we will be in most important phase of our life. "Youth". As Picasso tells "It takes a long time to become young."

Youth - It is the most joyful phase of life. We enter that stage with lots of expectations and hopes. The period which we are strong, beautiful, and efficient. The period which we build our future plans. Holy Bible states, if we decide something in that period it will affect our whole life.

Some body gets Call From God at this stage. It is not easy to get a call from him at the period of youth. A Call comprises of three major components.

1. One should have a mind prepared for the certain duties and liabilities which he is going to
do at this preist hood.
2. He should have a special sense to hear the Call.
3. The church should accept him.

Call from God is not in return of anything. Its a special gift from God. He will call them who are dedicated.

Most of us are thankful to those who help us from financial tragedies. If we know how to treat them, then why we forget to thank those who pray for us. Those who uplift us spiritually.