Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stars or Star Singers?

The issues which are happening in film field (Mollywood) are really irritating these days. I don’t know why these guys behave like this. I was just thinking whether to write or not. But after today’s Idea Star Singer, I felt I will write something for this month.

But you may ask why I am bothered about Malayalam Film Industry this much? Let them have their fight! And what the heck does it do with Idea Star singers? Frankly speaking after watching Idea Star Singer, I thought about the same.

My mom is a rigorous fan of Idea Star Singer. Everyday when I call her, she will be watching the same. At times, she will ask me to call sometime later as it will be her fav’s singing J If she miss an episode, I have to download it for her and make her watch. I love to watch it. More than the performance I loved to watch the interaction between the singers and the judges. That sweet talk made me getting attached to each and everyone. They are not acting, but they are open minded and talk from their inner heart.

But what this STARs or so called SUPER STARS in mallu industry do? They act in a way which pleases each and everyone, selects character which we love to watch, and behave like the people in fish market? If we watch any of their interviews, the real hero will come out and the character which we expect will vanish away. Now the trade mark of industry is arrogance? Once I happened to see an interview of a Super Heroine who married and got divorce recently. There is no space for a puppy girl. We should talk arrogant, selfish, and blah blah, so only others will respect us? Is it so?

If the things are coming out like this, who will come to this industry? Will the 70 year old “Young Man” play the “COLLEGE KUMARAN” and “GULAN” again and again till they became 100+???