Friday, March 19, 2010

He will never die !!!

Last year on Feb i wrote a blog "Rest in Peace". One of my friend passed away in a car accident. I couldn believe that. His orkut profile was filled with "RIP" messages! It is a year now. After that i was unable to see his orkut profile itself. I felt sad. I also thought google will delete that account, when it gets idle.

When ever I log in to orkut, the first thing I do is to check bday calendar, wish them a Happy Bday. I will have a long list of friends usually. Yesterday when i checked i could find out his name in the list. His Bday is on March 31. Couldn wait to click his profile. I went to his scrap book, but just couldn believe. Many scraps from his friends telling about their news, updates in life. Sending "miss you" scraps. I read each one of them carefully. I could find so many people scrapping daily updating themselves.

It gave me a deep thought. I could find the love and missing which they do have! It is uncomparable. I was just curious to know why they do this? Dont they know he is not alive, or he cant check the scraps and reply to them?

I took one from the scrap book and messaged her, why she does this? She used to send each and every day a scrap to him. The reply which i got was more shocking. It is his own sister. I have no more words to say.

His last orkut status message was, "I am living through each one of u..." Now i feel, Yea he is living and he will be !!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am Blind !!!

Today I was going to shop. It was heavy traffic at that time. I wanted to cross the road. I noticed one blind man standing near the bus stop trying to talk to some people. They were not at all noticing him. By the time I reached close to him. Almost the same time, one more guy came near him. He wanted to cross the road. I took his hand and waited there so that the policemen will signal a stop soon and we can cross easily. Even thought Police man didn’t notice us, after waiting for sometime, we crossed the road safely. He asked me direction for a so called place. I was pointing towards that direction where he should go. I clearly explained him what the other side will also take him, so that he wouldn’t have any confusion. But he was not convinced. Then only I realized the truth that I am pointing the direction to a guy who can’t see. Seriously I got dumbfounded thinking what a fool I am. How can I forget that I was talking to guy who can’t see my actions or pointing? Then only I realized a truth he is not blind, I am the one who is blind. We all often behave like this. In reality we often do the same thing. We are not bothered about someone who is near us. We are bothered about our next assignment, or our own world. Who is real blind here?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Smile - Behind Bars?

I often used to think about this topic. Why Smile is always behind the bars? Before I take my camera everyday, I used to think what sort of theme am I going to shoot that day. Each day we will be in different emotions. I try to make a theme on the day's mood. Last week I took a picture. It was a smiley ball. Here is the capture.

I am not sure, have you ever thought about my blog title anytime? Sometimes I feel people lost smile. But as always the brilliant people come up with beautiful quotes. “You haven't lost your smile at all, its right under your nose. You just forgot it was there.” Often we forget the good things in this world, and worry about the unwanted things. Is it because we are anxious about our future? The very next day? Or the very next hour? Even the very next minute? Probably this anxiety will be the major reason. We are tensed. We are worried. We are more over nervous.


I feel these same reasons can bring our smile back. If we are anxious about the very next day, or minute or even second, why cant we give a smile and send him your happiness? Have you ever checked your face when you are angry or frustrated with the face when you smile? Which one looks beautiful?


I believe the words of Mother Theresa are really true. “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful. A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime. Even if you are unknown to other person, even if your language is different from the other, even if your caste, color, creed are different, a smile can make him closer to you. There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all. A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.


Let us take a decision today. Our decision may change the world a better place to live. We can try for a change from the grass root level. I urge your participation. I am not asking for a herculean task. Just a simple message for you to follow. “Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. May Love rule this world.”

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tomato Fry – Fast and Easy !!!

Today morning Mom was asking Tomato Curry. So thought why cant I try a Tomato Fry. Checked some of the recipes (Tutorials ) and started with it. After the grand finale I thought it will be a good idea to make it as a blog. Will be different in my stream too. I am not a Pro-Chef. I don’t know the rules for writing a recipe. Anyway here you go 

If you are in a hurry to office, I suppose this is a good dish to try out. You can carry the dish to dinning table in less than 10 minute. (If you are a beginner in the field, like me you can try impressing someone with this. Hahaha )Tomato fry is a simple and spicy side dish served in small local restaurants in Kerala.


Tomatoes (Ensure that they are juicy red tomatoes (not the green tomatoes)) – 5 to 6
Onions - 2
Turmeric powder- I tbsp
Salt - 1 tbsp
Coriander Leaves
Green Chillies - 2
Mustard seeds
Ginger garlic paste – 1 tbsp
Water – 1/2 cup
Coconut Oil – as needed


Clean and wash the tomatoes before you cut them. Try to cut them into long pieces. Onions also need to be cut in long pieces (in most recipes the onion is finely grated into small pieces). Take other ingredients near you and start. Pour the oil in a frying pan; once it’s heated drop the mustard seeds. Add the chopped onions and the green chillies. Saute it until onion turns translucent. Take care not to brown the onions. Meanwhile mix red chilly powder and tomato sauce with the chopped tomatoes. Stir in ginger garlic paste into the pan. Keep it for a while. Place a lid so that it tastes more. Add the tomato mix and turmeric now. Saute until it turns soft .Add water and allow it to boil. Mix well and close with a lid. Cook on simmer for 5 minutes. Switch off once it starts to separate and the gravy gets thick.

Enjoy with Chapattis, roti, appam, dosas, iddiappam and pav (Indian bread).