Saturday, July 17, 2010

Old vs Young!

Sunday is always a church day! Today when I was in church I saw a GrandDad who wearing a traditional outfit, "Dhoti / Shirt and (Thoorthu))", a scene which is so rare in Bangalore churches! I felt so attached to him! I missed my Grand Dad and Mom! But that gave me a topic for blog!

When you are young your parents or those elder to you are GUIDES. But once you enter into Youth, you feel like they are outdated? Or Gen gap? There will be so many contradictions! But when you are in their age you will realize the truth! I remember a story told by a speaker in a meeting! Once there lived an Orthodox Family in a small village of Kerala. Parents wanted their son to have better education and future. They send him abroad. Got placed in a big company and so started thinking of marriage. Parents wanted him to get married to a traditional Kerala Girl. He told his Dad "This is my Life. You dont understand anything." He got married to a white and settled there! Years passed by and He became a Dad and his son is on to marriage. Dad told son "I did wrong, so at least you should not repeat it. Marry a simple/ traditional girl". Son got irritated and told his Dad "This is my life and You don't understand anything". Dad learned a new lesson at that moment!

This is how life goes. Its all a cycle. I remember one saying! "Everyman has to come down to Church for 3 times. First time he will be CARRIED by parents for Baptism. Second time he will be in his legs for Marriage. Third and last time someone will CARRY him in a coffin" We have to go through each stages! Have to see coming generations walking in the same way we did!

This is were I believe the role of Elders take place. They have seen this World much before than you do! They have already walked more than you do now! So you feel we should respect them? I will say YES!

But now i have a different thought! I believe GOD is someone who was there from starting of universe. Or he created the Universe itself. How many Generations, How many people he has seen? Still watching the same movie with just characters getting replaced! I feel I should at least respect him in this manner! Sometimes he talks to me through natural signs, prevent me from doing bad! Do i hear to him? My answer is NO at times? I tell him "This is my Life and You Dont understand anything"

"The advice of their elders to young men is very apt to be as unreal as a list of the hundred best books".

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Call from Past!

It is always good to recall the past sometime, walk through the way of life we had! It gives us a different feeling!

Today early morning I went to play badminton in a nearby club, came back and switched on TV, heard "Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavandu!"

Two reasons made me think about the past! Game in the early morning and the song! When we were in college we used to play Badminton, go to gym in early mornings. (Dont think it was a routine. We used to go only on the days just before exams and on exams :P)

"Lokah samasta" song is the wake up alarm at Amrita, our College :) In Beginning days used to wake up at early morning at 5.00 AM! At 6 we have a tea in mess, by the time Warden will put this song all through speakers to wake up others :) I used to have hot coffee listening the the soothening music!

But slowly getting senior in college, 5.00 AM was ruled off! Alarm becoming irritating :P

When I think about those old days, i am so glad! The days which I spent in college with friends, our chats till midnight!

What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment.You have to know the past to understand the present. History is something which we leaves for the future generation.

An Anonymous quote "If you live in this world, either write something good for the future generation or leave a good story of your life so that they can take it as an example!" Dont forget the past when you live! Try to learn lessons and get energy from the same. Future wont forget the past of you when you leave!