Friday, September 3, 2010

The main "Trunk"!

Its after a long time I am taking my pen for the blog! Sorry for staying away! Time keeps murmur on my ears its high time to take my Pen and Paper! But couldn't make it! This time I am here with something which all of us experience in our life, still we don't care that!

My mom's Dad expired before my birth itself! I have only seen Mom's Mom! Her family consists of 2 sisters and 2 brothers! Pretty big family which i have seen! It's only after my Grand mom passed away i realized so many things!

A tree will have only one main Trunk, but have so many branches and leaves! She was like the "Trunk" of a big Tree! The tree can teach you forbearance and tolerance. It offers shade to all, irrespective of age, sex or religion, nationality or status. She was a big tree! But once she passed away, I felt like trunk is getting decayed! It was she, who supported the small leaves, buds, flowers and branches of that big tree!

I used to think why God Created man unique? Each and every man unequaled With different colour, creed, languages, religions? The way one thinks, one talks, one looks! It wont match with another! That's why each human is unique!

Do you think this is a blessing? To be really frank, I am 50-50. One way,Yes, it does! You can never be replaced! You are too special! But in other way, No :(

In my college days, I used to work in students' political parties! The main reason why i loved to attend the meetings are there will be some sort of unity! The people who assemble used to have only one vision and mission! We work together for that vision!

But when mankind is different, they THINK different. Conflicts happen! I believe the reason for disagreements / fights among human race are just because of this?

You will be different! You may be a small bud, a small leaf, or a big branch, but you all belong to the main Trunk! The trunk which holds the humanity! Let that trunk be "Love"! I belive this quote,

To Love is Nothing..
To be Loved is Something..
To Love and be Loved is Everything!

Let Love be the main Trunk which holds each one of us! Let this Trunk alone Lead us! Let peace be Ruler in this world!