Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trip 4: Belvadi - Halebeedu - Belur

After a short vacation I was back from Kerala. Was having enough plans to shoot "God's Own Country". But i couldn take my gun outside due to so many issues. Once I came back, i was literally jumping to pool of Backlog work @ ofc. I really needed to take my cam out.

Friday night didnt sleep till 1 AM. Suddently planed for a trip. Wheels started rolling to Belur. We planned to go to Chikmagalur on the way to Belur. Plans got changed soon. Took the route to Bangalore> Tumkur > Gubbi > Tiptur > Arasikera > Belavadi.

While going to Halebeedu Karnataka Tourism Board showed Belavadi. Had a google search then and found some pictures of nice temple. Turned to Belavadi temple. It is a small temple. Something really like Somanthpura. But have more area than Somanathpura.

Quickly clicked couple of pictures, started off to Halebeedu. Had a breakfast from there a small shop nearby. Shopkeeper welcomed us with bits and pieces of Malayalam :) Haleebedu was filled with so many visitors. Guides were lined up to receive the tourists. I feel even though Somanthpura is small it is more exciting than Belavadi and Halebeedu.

We had a plan to start back to Bangalore by 1 PM atleast. I got really tired and felt sleepy. Next target was Belur. We missed the way to temple and drove about 8 KM. Put the reverse gear and came back. First i thought we will skip Belur and go back. Then it would have been a big loss.

Belur is amazing. I remember visiting Thanjavur Temple. I feel Belur is also having same area as Thanjavur. But Archi wise Belur is great. I couldn stop clicking. My 4 GB mem card got over.

We started off by 12.30 - 1.00 PM. Took other way. Belur > Hassan > Channarayapattana > Nelamangala > Bangalore . For first 20 kms i hated driving. After that it was amazing road. Speedo meter was taking rest at 140 km/hr most of the time. Back to bangalore by 4.

It was a long trip. Trip Meter ticked 490 kms when i stopped at home. I enjoyed a lot.
It is a must see place for all Archi lovers. I bowed before all the ppl who worked for those temples. They are really great. For the fast food / KFC generation how many years it will take to complete a temple like that?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hell n Heaven with God, The Google !

Trips are always guided by my Google map in BB! I trusted them more than sign boards! We never checked the routes before we leave! This is a real story where he broke my trust!

It was not a trip but just a nightout to Forum Value Mall in White field, Bangalore! Recently we moved to new house! We started from Forum Mall at 11.00 PM! My bro told there is a short cut to our place! We thought will take the help of our trustful servant, Google maps! As always I was riding and he was guiding me! Slowly we realised we are moving out of city! Roads turned out dark and leaded to thick forest! We trusted maps and thought that's the short cut, kept moving forward! Google was God and real God was playing the role of the music director.

Music Director mixed some new tones in the frame which we didn't realize! The happy mood was changing to silence and then fear! We were in deep forest! I was not looking around but was riding too fast to reach the city road!

My cousin saw sign boards of danger and prohibited areas! No street lights, everywhere thick forest and dark! Cross checked maps and found the destination is near! We were happy! Atlast map stopped us the in destination!

We looked around! We realised it is not our home but some Bank ATM! We didn't know we're to go! No one around to ask! Google the God failed to take us home! Real god stopped his music and put a long silence which made the scene more horrifying! Was afriad to go back! Atlast gave a pat on Frazer thinking he will show us the right path! Kick started again! Moved forward! Sudently We heard a clap sound! It was from the director? Did he introduced some new scenes? It was a happy moment! Stopped the bike! Thought there is someone who can help us! But...

I will put the real story board here! This is the scene: "A big Banyan Tree, a Dog sitting near! An old man who is smoking!" Camera moved so close to him. That was the maximum we could bear.

I just raised the bike to maximum and cleared off from the frame before director said Action! After riding some more time in forest we could see a different world in other side! A world with full of city lights! No darkness! Camera focused around us and found dark forest way leading us! We knew we want to reach the other world, but how? I felt like we are seeing Hell and Heaven! We tried to call my big brother to help! But phone was not having network coverage!

I thought about last judgement day. It will be a similar scene? Those who are in Hell can see people in Heaven? Even if ppl der want to help they can't?

After so many rosaries and prayers we reached home! It taught us a lesson! Google is next to God! It will help us many times, but it will take us to Hell and heaven also! So Beware!

Trip 3: Somanthpura

Avenger wheels got exhausted after rolling through the city traffic! I could feel his grief on me! Even I wanted a relief from the stressful schedule! It was quite sometime I hit F5 in my life! Really wanted a refresh!

Villages always gave my lungs extra energy! Smoke in the city have gave them a tribal / negro look! Probably when they get some fresh air it feels like a cynthol bath :).

This time I wanted to try out Somanthpura! My dad kept on telling I should do some amount of home work before I go for next trip! He wanted me to learn the history and geography of the place were I go!

In Karnataka there are only 3 temples which was built on Hoysala architecture! Belur, Halebedu, Somanthpura! Belur and Halebedu is bit far for me, so thought will visit Somanathpura first! Updated my Facebook status thinking someone will join me! But no one turned up! I had to work till 11 at Friday night! Didn't get a chance to put petrol also! Thought will put trip on hold!

Sleep stopped his journey by 4.00 AM! I had to get up! In no time Avenger got started in the first kick! This time it was only me and my Avenger! Roads welcomed me with thick fogs! I couldn drive! Petrol got over when I reached Electronic city! Filled from a local pump and started on to nice road! Avenger started showing his power till I reach Mandya! He ran like a race horse with all energy! I was riding at 130-140! Nature pulled me to look at her early morning beauty many times! Mandya is sugar city! Moreover it have so many paddy fields! I couldn stop myself taking out my Third eye! I had a tough time to click as the early sun rays we're playing hide n seek with dew drops in paddy field! I was amazed at the beauty of the dew drops! At last they winked at me and I captured a frame!

From Mandya the 40 kms felt like 400 kms! I can't call it as roads! Probably Bullock carts dont need decent roads! But I enjoyed riding it, seeing the typical village scenes!

Without much difficulty I reached Somanthpura Devasthana! I have no words for what I saw there! I felt like an ant who is nothing before the amazing archi temple! Stunning! I forgot photography and why I was there! I was enjoying every bits and pieces of the temples! Walls, floors, interiors! Breath taking views!

I started back by 10.30 AM! But the village road made my Avenger angry and he stopped running with a roaring sound! It was tough time for me to find a garage! Got it repaired in another hour! Started back by 12.00 after a small lunch in a road side Dhaba under a gigantic tree! It took only couple of seconds to forget the bullock cart roads and my avenger started roaring like a lion! Another 1.5 hours I m back home!

I always enjoyed every trip I go and tried to learn something! This trip was different from all! I traveled alone and drove 350 kms! I felt the power of man and his mind after seeing the huge archi temple! You just have to believe what you are and that will take u to heights you can't even imagine!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Trip 2: Melkote

Shortlisted two places for Trip 2, Madhugiri or Melkote. Fever was still strong. Was not sure where to go. Finally at midnight finalized Melkote. Planned to cover Kere thonnur on the way.

Melukote (Kannada: ಮೇಲುಕೋಟೆ) in Pandavapura taluk of Mandya district, Karnataka, is one of the sacred places in Karnataka. The place is also known as Thirunarayanapuram. It is built on rocky hills known as Yadavagiri or Yadugiri overlooking the Cauvery valley. It is about 51 km from Mysore and 133 km from Bangalore. (Wikipedia)

Woke up at 3.30 AM. I was not able to stand cos of the fever. But didnt want to cancel this trip also. (Cancelled Jayamangali on Thursday due to high fever). This time it was Dr. Rajeev ready for the trip. I was happy that if i fall sick in between he will take care of me :)

We started at 4.30 AM. Mysore road is too good to drive in morning. No traffic. I started feeling dizziness. So handed the handle to Rajeev and thought of enjoying the early morning sitting in back of bike. But rain started pouring. I really got irritated. Have fever and apart from that, rain also.

Every trip will give lot of lessons to learn. This time it was "Not to go for any trip if you are not 100% fit :P ". I really got worried, we have to travel 150+ kms to reach Melkote.

Stopped at Mandya for breakfast. Time was 7.15 AM. From there it is just 38 kms to Melkote. The road is not that great. But i enjoyed every bit of it. I felt i am travelling through some interior parts of Kerala. Full of Green. Paddy fields. So many agriculture lands .(I doubt you can see the same in Kerala these days.) Mandya is a the City of Sugar.

Finally when the speedometer reached 150, we parked the bike in Kalyani (Pond near to Temple @ Melkote). It is a huge pond. I was enjoying the silence and the cool climate. Rajeev started clicking. I was not feeling to frame anything. Once we reached the top of Temple it was just awesome.

Rajeev went for the pooja inside and i played hide and seek with one of our fore father a cute monkey :P Clicked couple of pictures of him. Fever started acting again. I took one more pill before the Dr. came.

Was not at all in a mood to start back. But sun was hitting directly to my head. We started by around 11.30 AM. Stopped for some portfolio pics near a lake. :) A very good place for a model shoot. I really wised I had a model there :)

We skipped Kere Thonnur and started back to Bangalore. While clock ticked 1.00 tummy started crying and we stopped after Mandya in a Punjabi Dhaba. It is build in the shade of a big tree. I enjoyed the cool breeze and nice food. I wanted to sleep enjoying the cool breeze.

By the time we reached home at 3.30 PM i was pretty sure i will miss Trip 3, which we planned for tomom. Again down with fever :(

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Season II Kick Off - Trip 1 : Kolar

Its a long time I wrote something. So here you go with the Season II Kick off :P

After 2 weeks of laziness, I badly wanted to take my camera out. Checked with some shutter bugs about a plan and we fixed for Thursday. I couldn wait to take out my camera. I wanted to break the ice before i go for the trip. Street Photography always breaks the ice :)

I thought of street photography for today (31/08/2011). Fever didnt allow me to wake up early morning. Managed to wake up at 8.00 AM, took my cam kit left home. My Destination was the KR Puram Market to capture some Ganesha Idols. But when i took the camera I didnt feel like going back. I drove straight. Moved the Destination to Hoskote. I was driving so leisurely in 40-50 km speed. Just wanted to enjoy the ride. Probably first ride alone.

On the way you will so many agriculture farms nearby roads. Some with Cauliflower, Cabbage, Tomato. There were flower farms with Rose, 'Jamandi' and other stuff. I saw small kids in the farm plucking flowers. I stopped couple of times and did some random shoots. Then slowly headed to the flower gardens. Was bit afraid thinking how the people will react. I am not that comfortable with Kannada, can manage with Hindi or English (Recalled the incident when we tripped to Lepkashi. I spoke in Hindi and ppl replied in Telegu. They didnt even understand Hindi ).

But here the reception was not bad. Children posed for pictures, elder guys came and showed me different farms of Tomato, cabbage and flowers. Clicked couple of pics and moved.

Again i changed my destination to 'Kolar'. Slowly drove till Kolar. On the way i might have stopped at about 10-15 places to click one or the other. Saw a big ground full of tomato.

Once i reached Kolar, i lost my patience and fever started attacking me again. Thought of going to Kolarama Temple, but i got really tired then.

By 11.10 i started back to bangalore. Non Stop to KR puram. Reached Home by 11.40. Even though the wind was against the direction, i touched 135-140 for the first time.

Will post the pictures soon. Tomom we have plans to go to Madhugiri and Jayamangali blackbuck reserve. Wait for the next Trip.

Thanks for your time. See you again soon.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Pause - Red signal for a min

Its after a long time I am taking my pen to scribble something! I was running in back of something! Or life was pushing me hard to do something? Was it successful? I have no answer!

I was rushing to multiplex yesterday night for a film! It was almost time to start the show so I was rolling my wheels on 90's! But unfortunately I got stuck in signal near to movie theater! "A One minute" signal!

It gave me a small topic for my blog! Even I was busy in my life! Wanted to do a lot and didn't have any time to waste! No time to write blogs, listen music, not even for friends! Days n nights spend in a hurry! A hurry which never ended!

But sometimes just like a Red Signal, life itself gives a pause! A signal to stop! We will be dumb founded! No word, no thought, no action! I would say that's the best time in your life! A time to think about you! About ur journey of life!

Stop facebook, stop orkut stop tweeting, stop blogging! At least for a week!

Feel the nature around!
Feel the people around!
Feel the song of birds near your window!
Feel the cold breeze while you walk!
Feel everything!

Rejuvenate yourself get back to your life!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Born in a big ring,
Faces come n go,
Differ in expressions
Smile, laugh, sigh!

Join the ring with mask
with no water in eyes
tears spoil ur colors
Colors make u wat u r,

Cry for a laugh
Joke for a laugh
Laugh for a laugh
Joker is for laugh

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Midnight Shocks - "The Killer Road Humps"

Unscientific ‘killer’ road humps in the City are posing problems to the vehicle-riders, according to Home Minister V S Acharya.

If you are in evening shift and returning to home after midnight be careful while you drive, esp two wheelers. "Killer Humps" would have taken birth in less than 10 hours. It is a common scenario in Bangalore City. New Humps are born mostly in midnight.

Did you know that of the innumerable road humps (or speed breakers) in the city, only 282 are authorised by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP)? All the others, according to the BBMP, are unauthorised and do not have any mention in their records.

A lot of these humps do not even have white lines marked on them so that they stand out from a distance.Many two wheeler has developed "spine" problems. There are several accidents which took the lives on the spot.

Suryaprakash Chavan, 22, was on his way back home after dropping his friend in BTM Layout at 12 midnight. One of his friends Swagat Senapati was also with him on another two wheeler. Because the road bump was unmarked Chavan missed it; his motorbike jumped the breaker and he hit the divider. Chavan died on the spot.

In theory, for any hump to come up on a road the Traffic Police has to notify the Traffic Engineering Cell (TEC) of the BBMP. The TEC consists of three executive engineers, four assistant executive engineers and six assistant engineers. This cell is responsible for constructing all the road humps, pedestrian ways, barricades, road dividers etc.

The Indian Road Congress has made certain rules and regulations specifically to be followed in the construction of road humps. The rules of the Indian Road Congress are as follows:

  1. Central Height: 10-12 cm; Shape: Parabola; Width: 3.5 metres; Length: same as road width.
  2. Road humps should be painted in a 'V' shape and illuminated by solar cat's eyes (solar cells embedded on pavements/road that reflect sun rays and glow in the dark) to make them visible.
  3. The humps should not be more than five metres away from the junction or the intersection.
  4. Two signboards, one at 20 to 30 metres and another 10 metres away from the hump should be placed for the commuters to know about the road humps ahead. Intrusion of tree branches should be prevented.
  5. Road humps should be put up only on the main roads and not on the cross roads.
  6. In ‘rumble strips’, (humps that have around 5 to 10 strips together), the width of each strip is to be one foot and the gap between each strip, one foot.
Not surprisingly, these rules of the IRC are not available with the BBMP, and thus, not many of the road humps are built according to these standards.

Only thing we can do is to be careful while driving at midnights. There may be many new born babies waiting!

(Ref: Some points taken from Supriya Khandekar's article who is a staff journalist at Citizen Matters.)

Bangalore Heroes - 2 : "The Stray dogs"

There was a small coloum in all daily and online news channels about an incident happened on Jan 13th. Baby mauled to death by stray dogs. In a brick construction site stray dogs riped apart a 2-year old baby. Dogs tore away portions of his arm and leg.

Why this is not take care of? BBMP spends about Rs.6.04 Core. From past 2 years the dogs have reached a mark of 3 lakh. Dogs chase children while they go to schools and come back. Kids are afriad to go out and play in the roads. "Hero's" turns villans for kids. Two wheeler travelers are chased by them. Some hit them and met with accidents.

According to a court directive, BBMP is not allowed to kill the dogs, though it's allowed to sterilise the dogs and release them in the areas they were caught from. If anyone kills them Animal Rights Org make them as big issues.

"Animal rights organisations, which are so eager to exhibit their kindness to these dogs, must take all of them into their fold, feed them and protect them within their four walls rather than letting them out on the streets."

Human is more important than Animals. It doesnt mean that we have to kill for the human's to survive. Atleast some measure should be taken care to protect the kids and children.

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Use and Throw"

Population increased drastically over the last decade. Fast food and HiTech Malls changed the life style of common man. People are more attracted to "Use and Throw" methodology. It is an easy way to spend life. No worries, no time waste. But there are some major concerns popping out. One among them is "Waste Management".

One after the other flats are emerging that too in nick of time. Still people couldn find any good place to stay in metro cities. Then what about Waste Management? Each guy has two bags while going to office! One bag will be laptop and other will be previous day's waste. On the way they will push it to some where. Even though Metro cities have there own way to collect the waste, it is not properly executed.

"Waste Management" should be replaced to a term called "Resource Management". The wastes each one can be classified as degradable and non-degradable. Collection can be done as seperate. First collect the plastics and other materials and recycle it. Degradable wastes can be used for several other things including bio gas etc. It has been telling and writing from old times by many people. Then why not to give it a try?

Use and throw culture gave a new definition for the term "Waste". It cannot be termed as "Not completely unusable" anymore. Rather "Single use".

Friday, February 4, 2011

"The Local Markets" - Picture Frame in Future?

"A market is any one of a variety of systems, institutions, procedures, social relations and infrastructures whereby businesses sell their goods, services and labor to people in exchange for money." - Wikipedia

Market is an arrangement that allows buyers and sellers to exchange goods. A decade before layman mainly depended on Local Markets to fill their kitchen. In a nick of time villages turned cities. Thatched roof got concreted. "Vegetables" who suffered the severe hot from sun in the markets were placed in air conditioned freezers.

Professionals found easy after the smooth transition. Hi-Tech Malls came up with packets of frozen fish and meat. It was easily accessible for everyone. No Pollution, No Rush, No Bargain. Cool and Smooth place.Big Bazar's came up giving more options.

Then What will happen to these Local Markets? Will they survive? Will it be a picture frame in future?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Airtel - Express yourself! - 2

The story still continues...

I asked the Nodal officer and Appellate Desk to cancel the request for my connection. They informed they cant give documents back as they have to keep it for record. I asked them to send a formal mail stating the same. They told they cant. But why?

After an hour long discussion they agreed and send me a mail telling i will get the refund amount soon! Do you think the story had a happy end?

Date : Feb 2 (4 days after discussion with Nodal Officer)
Time : 1.00 AM

Some people digging the road to my house. I thought its BDA people for some works. Didnt bother much.

10.00 AM
I was in office, and i got a call from my neighbour asking who dig the road! I told "No idea, May be BDA people"

12.30 PM
My Friend called me again and told its Airtel People who is doing the rest of digging work there. They are going to drill my wall. I asked him to stop them.

01.00 PM
I got call from Airtel office telling, my connection is activated and we have set a network for your house. Now they are going to drill the wall and get the cable inside.

I asked them to stop and rushed from office. I told them i have cancelled the connection. They were not having any information.

My Questions?
I told the Nodal officer the entire history of the case and asked to cancel the connection over phone. I have send a email CC'ing Nodal, Appellate Desk, customer care stating i dont want a

1. Who replied to mail and why they didnt communicate to other executives?
2. Seems like next month they will come with Monthly usage bill ?
3. What next?

Monday, January 31, 2011

Airtel - Express yourself!

Let me Express myself for Airtel! A really bad customer experience from the Giant!

It was almost a month back i moved to Ramamurthy Nagar in Bangalore. Probably in this era, people need Internet more than food! I also wanted to get an Internet connection ASAP. I saw AIRTEL ad there. Called up the executive without wasting any time. He called me about 5-10 times in an hour telling he is on the way. I had some bad experience with Reliance and Tata before. So I was so happy to see the prompt response from the executive.

Amith, the so called "Senior Sales Executive" came to my house. Asked about the various schemes. Before submitting the documents and service charge I asked him whether "Airtel" is having connection here, or they need to put the junction box etc and start giving connection. He pointed to the yellow house just opposite to me which is having a connection and in 3 days of time, i will get the connection.

I waited for 4 days and didnt get any response from anyone, i called Amith for the updates. He didnt pick my call. After 5-6 calls, he send me a SMS telling, he will call me back as he is traveling.

I waited till next day and i called him. He didnt pick the call, so i dialed from my brothers no. Before the first ring he took the call. I got irritated and asked him why he was not picking my call. He told he was in meeting or so. I can call to customer care no and find the status.

When i called the customer care no, they told they dont have any application there and I should talk to the guy who came to my house. I called him from my brothers phone several times and he didnt pick the call.

I made a call from other no, and he attended the call. I told him, i am calling from another place and i need an Airtel connection. He told he will come to that place in 5 min. He started calling me in that no several times telling he is on the way. I met him at that place. He never expected it was me who called him. He started telling so many excuses and after talking to his manager, promised me i will get connection in the same day.

After 2 days i again called him which i was sure he wont pick the call. He didnt pick the call. I send an email to Nodal officer of Airtel stating the same. After 2 days i got a call from Airtel telling there is no connection as of now in that place. They need to get approval from BDA to dig the place and put the cables. It will take time.

This is my question:

"Why they gave false promises to customers?"
"Why he didnt pick the call and tell me the status?"

The reason why I opted for Airtel is just because of the Customer Service. Is this the customer Service they are providing?

I am planing to take this issue to "Consumer Court"!

Please suggest me friends!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bangalore Hero's !!!

It was a sad day for me. Just because of these guys (Photograph from google)! Heros' of Bangalore ??? these days! I read somewhere in Bangalore Daily, there are 2.5 Lakh street dogs in Bangalore. More than the people stay here? :P I never bothered these guys!

But Yesterday it made me to think about them a lot. My Cousin brother dropped me in office and he went back home. On the way "A Rally of Heros" came from service road and he happened to hit him! Fazer skid for another 100 m. Black Tar Road took his paints from complete left arm and awarded a dislocation for his shoulder!

When BBMP people come to catch the Hero's they run away? So who is the Culprit? Beware of "Real Hero's of Bangalore" when you drive bike here in Bangalore :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Black Magic" ???

Yesterday at night I found this near to my house.

My friends who stay nearby told not to touch that as it is some sort of black magic. It was too dark I was not able to see what it is properly. Took my mobile and framed a picture. I really got surprised after seeing the pic. How come these beliefs still with people in this century? That too in a metro city like Bangalore?

What is this Black Magic? Wikipedia tells "Black magic is the belief of practices of magic that draws on assumed malevolent powers. This type of magic is invoked when wishing to kill,steal, injure, cause misfortune or destruction, or for personal gain without regard to harmful consequences to others."

Is it true? What is the use of this?

I think if God is true there will be a opposite force too? Then this is black magic is true?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Blanked out!

My First post in New Year, 2011. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

New Year is where we try to forget all tough situations happened in lost year and we start a fresh beginning. 2011, Jan 7th is the day where i found out my mind also "blanked out". But not from past tough situations, something else. As a part of house shifting I was in Bank to deposit some money to House Owners account. While writing the deposit slip i came to know i almost forgot to write each letter and spelling of word. I felt ashamed at seeing my handwriting. In my school days i used to have a decent handwriting. That was a shock for me :( Apart from that, i was bit worried to take the money in hand. I never experienced something like that whenever i did the money transaction these days. But this time :( I marked these points for my future thoughts and so is the blog :)

Let me make it into three sections.
1. Why cant i write?
2. Where are the words?
3. Why i was worried to deposit?

1. Why cant i write?
I am basically a software engineer, Passionate Photographer, time pass blogger. I don't have a pen in my pocket like i used to have in my college days. I don't have to take a pen and write anything in a paper. If i attend a meeting and need to make points, I will open MS WordDoc and type it there. Before i started work i used to write with pen. But in last three years after i started my job i never do that.

2. Where are the words?
I dont have to remember the spelling all the time. MS Word will do the automatic spell check. Moreover when i send SMS from phone, i use small words.

3. Why i was worried to deposit?
I always used to do the online account transfer. In the beginning of month including rent, phone bill, electricity bill, water bill etc etc, i do an account transfer. Rest of the time i use a Credit/Debit card Purchase, even in restaurants. I dont really dont look the value of money. Moreover it is just figures for me in the online site.

Have you ever experienced the same? Or is it just for me?But i m sure the future generation will have.

My imaginations about future generation.
1. There wont be any "Vidyarambham" (writing Olaf/
Hari/... in rice) as start of our education.
2. They will start with typing "A" in laptop.
3. Oxford Dictionary will be throw out to dustbin. New SMS dictionary will come out
4. Money (Cash, including coins) will be kept in any Museums. (Transactions done through online or Cards completely)

Its very Near :) Any suggestions?