Monday, January 31, 2011

Airtel - Express yourself!

Let me Express myself for Airtel! A really bad customer experience from the Giant!

It was almost a month back i moved to Ramamurthy Nagar in Bangalore. Probably in this era, people need Internet more than food! I also wanted to get an Internet connection ASAP. I saw AIRTEL ad there. Called up the executive without wasting any time. He called me about 5-10 times in an hour telling he is on the way. I had some bad experience with Reliance and Tata before. So I was so happy to see the prompt response from the executive.

Amith, the so called "Senior Sales Executive" came to my house. Asked about the various schemes. Before submitting the documents and service charge I asked him whether "Airtel" is having connection here, or they need to put the junction box etc and start giving connection. He pointed to the yellow house just opposite to me which is having a connection and in 3 days of time, i will get the connection.

I waited for 4 days and didnt get any response from anyone, i called Amith for the updates. He didnt pick my call. After 5-6 calls, he send me a SMS telling, he will call me back as he is traveling.

I waited till next day and i called him. He didnt pick the call, so i dialed from my brothers no. Before the first ring he took the call. I got irritated and asked him why he was not picking my call. He told he was in meeting or so. I can call to customer care no and find the status.

When i called the customer care no, they told they dont have any application there and I should talk to the guy who came to my house. I called him from my brothers phone several times and he didnt pick the call.

I made a call from other no, and he attended the call. I told him, i am calling from another place and i need an Airtel connection. He told he will come to that place in 5 min. He started calling me in that no several times telling he is on the way. I met him at that place. He never expected it was me who called him. He started telling so many excuses and after talking to his manager, promised me i will get connection in the same day.

After 2 days i again called him which i was sure he wont pick the call. He didnt pick the call. I send an email to Nodal officer of Airtel stating the same. After 2 days i got a call from Airtel telling there is no connection as of now in that place. They need to get approval from BDA to dig the place and put the cables. It will take time.

This is my question:

"Why they gave false promises to customers?"
"Why he didnt pick the call and tell me the status?"

The reason why I opted for Airtel is just because of the Customer Service. Is this the customer Service they are providing?

I am planing to take this issue to "Consumer Court"!

Please suggest me friends!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bangalore Hero's !!!

It was a sad day for me. Just because of these guys (Photograph from google)! Heros' of Bangalore ??? these days! I read somewhere in Bangalore Daily, there are 2.5 Lakh street dogs in Bangalore. More than the people stay here? :P I never bothered these guys!

But Yesterday it made me to think about them a lot. My Cousin brother dropped me in office and he went back home. On the way "A Rally of Heros" came from service road and he happened to hit him! Fazer skid for another 100 m. Black Tar Road took his paints from complete left arm and awarded a dislocation for his shoulder!

When BBMP people come to catch the Hero's they run away? So who is the Culprit? Beware of "Real Hero's of Bangalore" when you drive bike here in Bangalore :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Black Magic" ???

Yesterday at night I found this near to my house.

My friends who stay nearby told not to touch that as it is some sort of black magic. It was too dark I was not able to see what it is properly. Took my mobile and framed a picture. I really got surprised after seeing the pic. How come these beliefs still with people in this century? That too in a metro city like Bangalore?

What is this Black Magic? Wikipedia tells "Black magic is the belief of practices of magic that draws on assumed malevolent powers. This type of magic is invoked when wishing to kill,steal, injure, cause misfortune or destruction, or for personal gain without regard to harmful consequences to others."

Is it true? What is the use of this?

I think if God is true there will be a opposite force too? Then this is black magic is true?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Blanked out!

My First post in New Year, 2011. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

New Year is where we try to forget all tough situations happened in lost year and we start a fresh beginning. 2011, Jan 7th is the day where i found out my mind also "blanked out". But not from past tough situations, something else. As a part of house shifting I was in Bank to deposit some money to House Owners account. While writing the deposit slip i came to know i almost forgot to write each letter and spelling of word. I felt ashamed at seeing my handwriting. In my school days i used to have a decent handwriting. That was a shock for me :( Apart from that, i was bit worried to take the money in hand. I never experienced something like that whenever i did the money transaction these days. But this time :( I marked these points for my future thoughts and so is the blog :)

Let me make it into three sections.
1. Why cant i write?
2. Where are the words?
3. Why i was worried to deposit?

1. Why cant i write?
I am basically a software engineer, Passionate Photographer, time pass blogger. I don't have a pen in my pocket like i used to have in my college days. I don't have to take a pen and write anything in a paper. If i attend a meeting and need to make points, I will open MS WordDoc and type it there. Before i started work i used to write with pen. But in last three years after i started my job i never do that.

2. Where are the words?
I dont have to remember the spelling all the time. MS Word will do the automatic spell check. Moreover when i send SMS from phone, i use small words.

3. Why i was worried to deposit?
I always used to do the online account transfer. In the beginning of month including rent, phone bill, electricity bill, water bill etc etc, i do an account transfer. Rest of the time i use a Credit/Debit card Purchase, even in restaurants. I dont really dont look the value of money. Moreover it is just figures for me in the online site.

Have you ever experienced the same? Or is it just for me?But i m sure the future generation will have.

My imaginations about future generation.
1. There wont be any "Vidyarambham" (writing Olaf/
Hari/... in rice) as start of our education.
2. They will start with typing "A" in laptop.
3. Oxford Dictionary will be throw out to dustbin. New SMS dictionary will come out
4. Money (Cash, including coins) will be kept in any Museums. (Transactions done through online or Cards completely)

Its very Near :) Any suggestions?