Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Season II Kick Off - Trip 1 : Kolar

Its a long time I wrote something. So here you go with the Season II Kick off :P

After 2 weeks of laziness, I badly wanted to take my camera out. Checked with some shutter bugs about a plan and we fixed for Thursday. I couldn wait to take out my camera. I wanted to break the ice before i go for the trip. Street Photography always breaks the ice :)

I thought of street photography for today (31/08/2011). Fever didnt allow me to wake up early morning. Managed to wake up at 8.00 AM, took my cam kit left home. My Destination was the KR Puram Market to capture some Ganesha Idols. But when i took the camera I didnt feel like going back. I drove straight. Moved the Destination to Hoskote. I was driving so leisurely in 40-50 km speed. Just wanted to enjoy the ride. Probably first ride alone.

On the way you will so many agriculture farms nearby roads. Some with Cauliflower, Cabbage, Tomato. There were flower farms with Rose, 'Jamandi' and other stuff. I saw small kids in the farm plucking flowers. I stopped couple of times and did some random shoots. Then slowly headed to the flower gardens. Was bit afraid thinking how the people will react. I am not that comfortable with Kannada, can manage with Hindi or English (Recalled the incident when we tripped to Lepkashi. I spoke in Hindi and ppl replied in Telegu. They didnt even understand Hindi ).

But here the reception was not bad. Children posed for pictures, elder guys came and showed me different farms of Tomato, cabbage and flowers. Clicked couple of pics and moved.

Again i changed my destination to 'Kolar'. Slowly drove till Kolar. On the way i might have stopped at about 10-15 places to click one or the other. Saw a big ground full of tomato.

Once i reached Kolar, i lost my patience and fever started attacking me again. Thought of going to Kolarama Temple, but i got really tired then.

By 11.10 i started back to bangalore. Non Stop to KR puram. Reached Home by 11.40. Even though the wind was against the direction, i touched 135-140 for the first time.

Will post the pictures soon. Tomom we have plans to go to Madhugiri and Jayamangali blackbuck reserve. Wait for the next Trip.

Thanks for your time. See you again soon.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Pause - Red signal for a min

Its after a long time I am taking my pen to scribble something! I was running in back of something! Or life was pushing me hard to do something? Was it successful? I have no answer!

I was rushing to multiplex yesterday night for a film! It was almost time to start the show so I was rolling my wheels on 90's! But unfortunately I got stuck in signal near to movie theater! "A One minute" signal!

It gave me a small topic for my blog! Even I was busy in my life! Wanted to do a lot and didn't have any time to waste! No time to write blogs, listen music, not even for friends! Days n nights spend in a hurry! A hurry which never ended!

But sometimes just like a Red Signal, life itself gives a pause! A signal to stop! We will be dumb founded! No word, no thought, no action! I would say that's the best time in your life! A time to think about you! About ur journey of life!

Stop facebook, stop orkut stop tweeting, stop blogging! At least for a week!

Feel the nature around!
Feel the people around!
Feel the song of birds near your window!
Feel the cold breeze while you walk!
Feel everything!

Rejuvenate yourself get back to your life!