Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hell n Heaven with God, The Google !

Trips are always guided by my Google map in BB! I trusted them more than sign boards! We never checked the routes before we leave! This is a real story where he broke my trust!

It was not a trip but just a nightout to Forum Value Mall in White field, Bangalore! Recently we moved to new house! We started from Forum Mall at 11.00 PM! My bro told there is a short cut to our place! We thought will take the help of our trustful servant, Google maps! As always I was riding and he was guiding me! Slowly we realised we are moving out of city! Roads turned out dark and leaded to thick forest! We trusted maps and thought that's the short cut, kept moving forward! Google was God and real God was playing the role of the music director.

Music Director mixed some new tones in the frame which we didn't realize! The happy mood was changing to silence and then fear! We were in deep forest! I was not looking around but was riding too fast to reach the city road!

My cousin saw sign boards of danger and prohibited areas! No street lights, everywhere thick forest and dark! Cross checked maps and found the destination is near! We were happy! Atlast map stopped us the in destination!

We looked around! We realised it is not our home but some Bank ATM! We didn't know we're to go! No one around to ask! Google the God failed to take us home! Real god stopped his music and put a long silence which made the scene more horrifying! Was afriad to go back! Atlast gave a pat on Frazer thinking he will show us the right path! Kick started again! Moved forward! Sudently We heard a clap sound! It was from the director? Did he introduced some new scenes? It was a happy moment! Stopped the bike! Thought there is someone who can help us! But...

I will put the real story board here! This is the scene: "A big Banyan Tree, a Dog sitting near! An old man who is smoking!" Camera moved so close to him. That was the maximum we could bear.

I just raised the bike to maximum and cleared off from the frame before director said Action! After riding some more time in forest we could see a different world in other side! A world with full of city lights! No darkness! Camera focused around us and found dark forest way leading us! We knew we want to reach the other world, but how? I felt like we are seeing Hell and Heaven! We tried to call my big brother to help! But phone was not having network coverage!

I thought about last judgement day. It will be a similar scene? Those who are in Hell can see people in Heaven? Even if ppl der want to help they can't?

After so many rosaries and prayers we reached home! It taught us a lesson! Google is next to God! It will help us many times, but it will take us to Hell and heaven also! So Beware!

Trip 3: Somanthpura

Avenger wheels got exhausted after rolling through the city traffic! I could feel his grief on me! Even I wanted a relief from the stressful schedule! It was quite sometime I hit F5 in my life! Really wanted a refresh!

Villages always gave my lungs extra energy! Smoke in the city have gave them a tribal / negro look! Probably when they get some fresh air it feels like a cynthol bath :).

This time I wanted to try out Somanthpura! My dad kept on telling I should do some amount of home work before I go for next trip! He wanted me to learn the history and geography of the place were I go!

In Karnataka there are only 3 temples which was built on Hoysala architecture! Belur, Halebedu, Somanthpura! Belur and Halebedu is bit far for me, so thought will visit Somanathpura first! Updated my Facebook status thinking someone will join me! But no one turned up! I had to work till 11 at Friday night! Didn't get a chance to put petrol also! Thought will put trip on hold!

Sleep stopped his journey by 4.00 AM! I had to get up! In no time Avenger got started in the first kick! This time it was only me and my Avenger! Roads welcomed me with thick fogs! I couldn drive! Petrol got over when I reached Electronic city! Filled from a local pump and started on to nice road! Avenger started showing his power till I reach Mandya! He ran like a race horse with all energy! I was riding at 130-140! Nature pulled me to look at her early morning beauty many times! Mandya is sugar city! Moreover it have so many paddy fields! I couldn stop myself taking out my Third eye! I had a tough time to click as the early sun rays we're playing hide n seek with dew drops in paddy field! I was amazed at the beauty of the dew drops! At last they winked at me and I captured a frame!

From Mandya the 40 kms felt like 400 kms! I can't call it as roads! Probably Bullock carts dont need decent roads! But I enjoyed riding it, seeing the typical village scenes!

Without much difficulty I reached Somanthpura Devasthana! I have no words for what I saw there! I felt like an ant who is nothing before the amazing archi temple! Stunning! I forgot photography and why I was there! I was enjoying every bits and pieces of the temples! Walls, floors, interiors! Breath taking views!

I started back by 10.30 AM! But the village road made my Avenger angry and he stopped running with a roaring sound! It was tough time for me to find a garage! Got it repaired in another hour! Started back by 12.00 after a small lunch in a road side Dhaba under a gigantic tree! It took only couple of seconds to forget the bullock cart roads and my avenger started roaring like a lion! Another 1.5 hours I m back home!

I always enjoyed every trip I go and tried to learn something! This trip was different from all! I traveled alone and drove 350 kms! I felt the power of man and his mind after seeing the huge archi temple! You just have to believe what you are and that will take u to heights you can't even imagine!