Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trip 4: Belvadi - Halebeedu - Belur

After a short vacation I was back from Kerala. Was having enough plans to shoot "God's Own Country". But i couldn take my gun outside due to so many issues. Once I came back, i was literally jumping to pool of Backlog work @ ofc. I really needed to take my cam out.

Friday night didnt sleep till 1 AM. Suddently planed for a trip. Wheels started rolling to Belur. We planned to go to Chikmagalur on the way to Belur. Plans got changed soon. Took the route to Bangalore> Tumkur > Gubbi > Tiptur > Arasikera > Belavadi.

While going to Halebeedu Karnataka Tourism Board showed Belavadi. Had a google search then and found some pictures of nice temple. Turned to Belavadi temple. It is a small temple. Something really like Somanthpura. But have more area than Somanathpura.

Quickly clicked couple of pictures, started off to Halebeedu. Had a breakfast from there a small shop nearby. Shopkeeper welcomed us with bits and pieces of Malayalam :) Haleebedu was filled with so many visitors. Guides were lined up to receive the tourists. I feel even though Somanthpura is small it is more exciting than Belavadi and Halebeedu.

We had a plan to start back to Bangalore by 1 PM atleast. I got really tired and felt sleepy. Next target was Belur. We missed the way to temple and drove about 8 KM. Put the reverse gear and came back. First i thought we will skip Belur and go back. Then it would have been a big loss.

Belur is amazing. I remember visiting Thanjavur Temple. I feel Belur is also having same area as Thanjavur. But Archi wise Belur is great. I couldn stop clicking. My 4 GB mem card got over.

We started off by 12.30 - 1.00 PM. Took other way. Belur > Hassan > Channarayapattana > Nelamangala > Bangalore . For first 20 kms i hated driving. After that it was amazing road. Speedo meter was taking rest at 140 km/hr most of the time. Back to bangalore by 4.

It was a long trip. Trip Meter ticked 490 kms when i stopped at home. I enjoyed a lot.
It is a must see place for all Archi lovers. I bowed before all the ppl who worked for those temples. They are really great. For the fast food / KFC generation how many years it will take to complete a temple like that?