Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fast and Furious ?

Yesterday while driving back from Bro's house got the new topic for blog. Two reckless drivers made me irritaed. I was about to skid from bike for same reason.

Incident #01:
A guy and a lady in bike, doing a decent drive. Suddently he started drawing zig zig in road. I slowed down to check everything is fine.
Scene_01 # (Camera from the biker guy's angle) The guy was struggling to take his mobile phone from his pocket. He took it out, probably said a "Hello", passed the phone to his wife, who was sitting in back seat.
Scene_02 # (Camera from my angle). The bike ahead is going through a clean straight line. Suddently started doing Zigzag. The bikers including me about to skid.

Incident #02:
A car driver got reminded of the game "Need for speed" and was trying to hit other drivers including me.
Scene_01 # (Camera from the car guy's angle) Mobile was ringing and driver takes the mobile and starts his talk leisurely. Controlling the steering of car with one Finger? 
Scene_02 # (Camera from my angle). I am driving in moderate speed. Suddently a car comes to hit me from side, i turned to other side and there it comes again. It was another Zigzag from car driver.

Analysis: Dozens of thoughts came to my mind. Both the incidents took place in nick of time. It could have created an easy accident scene like a movie. What is the cause? Both the drivers got out of control, just because they wanted to talk in mobile.

Was it an urgent call, so that he had to talk while driving?

Time changed and technology changed the world. People shifted from Wired to Wireless. Life is so fast. Everyone needs everything in a nick of time ?  People before a decade used to wait till others come back home. When wired phone came to picture, they waited to talk to others when they reach home. Now everything is too fast.

I have read an article recently. Facebook and other social networking sites changing the mentality of children very much. They upload a picture or update their status, get LIKES / Comments in short time. This makes them to expect everything in same pace. If its no happening they get depressed.

Everyday I hurry to office through the traffic jams in my bike and never had a chance to look at the surrondings. Mostly the speedometer will be in 80-90 km/hr.I took an auto ride to office last week. It was a different office "TRIP". I enjoyed the cool breeze, felt how beautiful are the roads.  It gave me a thought "To Slow Down".

Always remember to slow down in life; live, breathe, and learn; take a look around you whenever you have time and never forget everything and every person that has the least place within your heart.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Magic slate?

“I wish I was still a school boy and kid of my parents! The older you are more stress you get and lose your peace.” This was my last FB status update. Many thoughts came to my mind before updating it. I thought I should write it as a blog. It’s almost 6 calendar months I scribbled something.

As everyone I was also irritated with my homework’s, class tests and somehow wanted to complete my schools. My parents always used to tell this is your Golden period, so enjoy it and learn things. You will never get this period back. Once I am back from school without changing, used to iterate the stories of the day to mom. Long stories, from the moment when she left me to school van till I am back home..

I was happy when I finished my middle-school. High school students were allowed to wear long pants and I was having a feeling, I am also growing. High school passed in nick of time. It was a War field, where I was only player in my side. Giants like Algebra, Geometry, and Organic Chemistry decorated titles of opponents. I hardly got any time to talk to my parents once I was back from school. Time was fleeing.

School and college days went like seasons. Spring was waiting for summer, then autumn, winter and again spring. Never realized how fast everything was over. Was it a Hollywood film? What was the climax? I got a job with good salary and I figured out its time to settle down.

I never thought my parents were also growing old with me. I believed they are still in their 40’s just as I have seen them in my school days. It was more shocking when I heard they are getting retired. In a way I was happy thinking at least they will get some time to breathe when they retire. I was getting more engaged. My Mom used to call me home to visit them. I kept on repeating my mantra. “No mom, I am busy. You don’t know how tough work is? It’s challenging”.

Trees shed leaves in autumn and regained in spring. It was still old Bug fixing and product releases for me. Mom was waiting near the window counting the leaves shedding and then the rain drops.

I really wish I was still a school boy and kid of my parents. I wish I can go school every day, share my day’s story to my mom and play in my home garden. I know gone times won’t come back. But I really wish if God could give me the power of a Magic slate to erase everything and go back to old time again.